All the mass murders we are seeing are the direct result of Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric.

The Democrats’ bill passed by the House on background checks and ban on assault weapons will never be passed by Moscow Mitch. The NRA owns the Republican Party.

Evidently the T-shirt that says, “I would rather be Russian than a Democrat,” is unfortunately very true.

Sean Hannity, Rush Linbaugh, William Barr, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and all of the Senate Republicans are, in my view, treasonous.

All of the migrants that have been treated as criminals and the separation of family and little children is not the America we have known for 243 years.

The president is an immoral and lying person.

May God help us.

John D. Zirkle


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You make an interesting claim, Mr. Zirkle. Would you also conclude that the attempt to assassinate a ball field full of Republican congressmen by a supporter of Democratic Socialist Mr. Saunders was a direct result of the violent rhetoric of Ms. Waters? Ms. Clinton? Mr. Nadler? Or again, Mr. Trump? And whose rhetoric would be to blame for mass murders of civilians, soldiers, and police officers that took place prior to the arrival of Mr. Trump on the political scene?

I would also suggest that just because a Democrat majority House passes a bill does not mean that it is a good bill or that the Republican majority Senate must support and pass it.

As for immorality and lying, there are very few if any people who have achieved the highest rungs of the political ladder who have had much more than a passing acquaintance with moral conduct and truth – so I think it is somewhat naïve to think it unique to any one holder of political office. It is probably more useful to ask if the immoral conduct took place prior to entering into the political arena, and are the lies the type that do real damage or are they the lies that make folks simply look up and roll their eyes, and say, “Oh, good grief”? There is a difference.


Ripped from the pages of the Trump Deranged Post.


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This comment reaffirms why I can never vote for a Democrat.....people like Zirkle aren't just delusional they are on the brink of being insane!


Dant Any comment made here would totally reaffirm why you couldn't vote for a Democrat. All the Republican spin you have written on this post, shows me if Jesus ran as a Democrat you would find something wrong with Him and could note vote for Him!! Probably the same would be true for the majority of your cheerleading crew.


These Trumptards have no ability to accept the truth!!! They have eaten the yellow snow.


Well, that's a bit much.

Mike Muterspaugh

LVW-No LV, Zirkle has been on the brink for years.


Mr. Zirkle you once again prove that common sense isn't quite so common anymore. If Trump was responsible for all of the mass shootings before he became president , then I might agree with you. Also if the entire Russian thing wasn't a lie fabricated by Democrats to get Hillary elected I might agree with you. And if there was no such thing as the 2nd amendment to keep the government from running over the common person I might agree with you. But since I do have common sense I can see with my own eyes that none of what you have said has a smidgen of truth to it I will say please get your head out of the sand and look around.


Great reply Ken.


Nice response Ken. Some people are so far away from reality it's scary.

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