I’m not trying to step on the toes of our city or county leaders, but this subject has been on my mind for some years. Our Central Valley area needs a 24/7, 12-month emergency vet clinic for our pets. I heard there were one or two around, but later I’d heard they had closed.

Late one night a friend called us to say her 14-year-old dog was having grand mal seizures. There was no way she could drive her pet alone, and to where? I found an old phone number I’d saved and she and a friend finally arrived at the Verona Clinic about 1 a.m.

They were lucky as her dog was treated with the proper meds, All this had taken two or three frantic hours. You may be thinking, “could this ever happen to me and my pet?” Can this situation somehow be reasonably resolved?

Lynda Broadaway


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Lynda, I'm glad that your friend's dog was taken to the clinic in time, and received the treatment that it needed. Unfortunately, not all stories end as well.

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