I believe in the principles of the Bible and the Constitution. I have always voted Republican, but consider myself a conservative.

America is sunk in hopelessness and will not recover with policy or law. The youth and others are influenced by many things. I am not smart enough to know them all.

Only opinion: The removal of Christian influence from our schools 50 years ago has given youth nothing to believe in. They find no absolutes, no God, no right or wrong and nothing to mark their standards or their purpose. Video games and violent movies make us familiar with violence and evil. Sadly, we adults and parents hold some blame.

Global warming adds to hopelessness. Didn’t Al Gore give us 20 years 25 years ago?

Young people and others have forgotten the principles of Christianity that have made our civilization. Faith, hope and love — the greatest is love.

Philip Way


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Great letter Philip, and true.

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