Elkton has a new mayor. Josh Gooden has some experience behind him and a good grasp of what needs to be done. We wish him well.

Conversations with Mayor Printz over the last couple of years have helped my wife and me understand better the outgoing mayor. During his tenure in that role, he has taken a lot of flak. Some of it may have been warranted; a lot of it not.

In my 50 years as a pastor and resident of this town, I’ve personally known about 10 mayors. I’ve given innumerable invocations at council meetings and have prayed with a few of them in their homes.

All of them loved the town which they served, but I’ve never known a mayor who had a greater love for Elkton than Wayne Printz. Thank you, Wayne.

Jim Martin Sr.


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I don't know the outgoing mayor, or the incoming mayor, and am completely unfamiliar with the challenges and issues that the town of Elkton faces, but I applaud this letter writer. Very classy, and well written.

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