Republicans like to attack Democratic candidates as being too far to the left. How about the Republicans being too far to the right?

Here are the principles formed by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt while fighting the Axis during WWII in a Second Bill of Rights, 75 years ago: "Every American has the right to a job, adequate wage and decent living, a decent home, medical care, economic protection during sickness, accident, old age or unemployment, and a good education."

If you like these timeless principles for your life and for our country, vote for all of our fine Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections: Annette Hyde, April Moore, Brent Finnegan, and Jennifer Kitchen.

They still believe and will work for these 75-year-old Democratic principles in Virginia and Rockingham County. You might also add climate protection and rural internet.

Andy Sale


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Mike Muterspaugh

How many times are the Dems going to pull April Moore out of the closet, dust her off and run her for some office. She lost by 37% in 2015. It's embarrassing. She does carry on the family tradition.


Both the left and right have moved away from the middle, especially during primary season. There seems to be little motivation to compromise. We've all seen it from the right, when posters here severely criticize "Rinos" for not being conservative enough. Same with some on the left, although I don't know if they have a nickname for those not liberal enough. What is new, though, is the ire that conservatives who accurately describe Trump in unflattering terms get from the Trumpites. Trumpites are like a cult in their fervor.


Cult in their fervor?? You mean like the delusional lunatic TDS sufferers who are now engaged in a blatant coup attempt with their phony, completely staged "Russia collusion" attempt and phony Mueller report (which we all now know, clearly, he didn't even write), and now phony 'whistleblowers', sudden changes to the whistleblower form that the ICIG refuses to explain to the HPSCI, sudden changes to House impeachment rules that Nancy will not explain, sudden changes to committee rules that Schiff won't explain, but barred minority representation or legal representation during interviews, issuing phony subpoenas that, when actually read, are worthless 'requests' that have no legal standing at all, and the unhinged lunatics know it, too. These are people who have lost their minds through infection from TDS. The cult leaders have been telling their sheep to bleat "impeachment" since the day Trump was elected, and to this day, that is exactly what they sound like, a cult of brainwashed sheep in their fervor, and they're all getting ready to jump off the cliff together.


Here's an interesting visual showing the distribution across the political spectrum globally. (Hope the link works)


Yeh, let's follow ideas and principles from one of our worst presidents ever. Stretched an economic downturn out to the longest one on record.

Locked up tens of thousands of Germans, Italians, and Japanese during the war.

Tried to commandeer the entire economy for his control .

Tried to pack the supreme court with all his stooges...….....

What could possibly go wrong following his ideas???


FDR and his Sec of Agriculture felt that falling agricultural prices were thwarting the US economic recovery, (not the punishing, relentless regulations he put on businesses, cough, cough, like Obama did, cough, cough). They thought they could solve the problem by forcing the prices to go up and, to accomplish that, they implemented programs that (intentionally) destroyed hundreds of acres of crops and millions of cows and pigs. So naturally, the prices went up, the problem was Americans were desperately poor. This is one example of how this idiot ran his presidency. He bribed dumb Americans with their own money by playing Santa Claus, something Democrats still to do to this day. He targeted and punished private business, intentionally weakened the Constitution and the principles our Founders stood for. This is why he remains a hero to Democrats. To everyone else, an inept leader who did far more bad than good. How any Democrat can find fault with Trump for 'abusing his power' while finding FDR to be a laudable president is delusional, the man wrote the book on how to abuse authority.


Gracious sakes, the commenters here are describing something that just doesn't exist. Yep. The GOP turned right in 1975 and hasn't looked back. 90% of House Republicans are now considered "extreme" conservatives. The GOP quest for purity is nearly complete.

Principles? I like, "Every American has the right to a job, adequate wage and decent living, a decent home, medical care, economic protection during sickness, accident, old age or unemployment, and a good education." Well spoke Andy.


And who, might I ask, defines an "extreme" conservative? Because I would assume anyone advocating for free education for illegal immigrants could surely be considered extreme by any standard. And I see a couple of those running for president on behalf of the more "moderate" party.


Political Science.

No. The whole premise of free public education for all more than 100 years ago was to create an educated, civilized society. "Advocating for free education for illegal immigrants," is a radical restatement of what has been education policy in our country since the beginning of public education.


Do you not have an answer or is that an attempted joke? Where is the fact stated that 90% of the House Republicans are extreme?


Political Science WAS my answer. Here’s a link to one of the best.

Read all the way to the end to find where the self same Scientists also say that the Democrats have leaned left too, just not as far. The 90% reflects the solid polarization we currently face in Congress. Also the date is April 2012, so I think the polarization is even stronger now. Also it's PBS. They do a pretty good job of avoiding partisanship.


Another interesting graph with article here:


So "extreme conservative" is defined by members of a group where liberals outnumber conservatives by at least 10:1. No way there's any bias there....


Are you saying that there are no conservatives who study political science?


Dear bkn, I'm saying a 10:1 majority tends to overwhelm, censor, and silence the minority view.


Absolutely true. Good to keep in mind when referring to any minority. I also suppose that there isn't a real way to measure the actual ratio, but I take your point.


Dear bkn, that ratio comes from surveys of college/university professors of political science.


Interesting. Not a surprise.


The problem is you work for that pronciple ... and not expect the government to GIVE it to you. Too many lazy ignorant folks out there vote for the pandering politicians that populate the Democrat socialist party and promise givaways to solve all ills.


The American idea is you have an OPPORTUNITY to get these things if you get off your lazy butt and earn it. You have a "right" to what you earn unless, of course. the Dumbocrats are in power.


Those 4 listed have no principles if they follow along with the sick anti-America agenda of their radical dangerous democrats parading around the country acting like petulant children, obsessed with the presidential power they crave.


I suppose it's all relative but the left appears to moving much faster than the right moving right. Regardless of his personality, Trump is more aligned with mainstream values than an Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. A vote for a local Democrat is a vote for a national Democrat.


I truly wish I could find someone in politics that is "too far to the right" because they would have my vote, twice! During the primaries the hit against Donald Trump was that he wouldn't be Conservative enough. Thankfully they were wrong and he is mostly Conservative and has a business focus. The pendulum has swung way too far to the left and the fact that someone like Trump is considered far right is proof enough. The fact that our President doesn't subscribe to the irrational hysteria of climate Armageddon demonstrates his exceptional common sense, something the left is completely void of these days!


Thank you mattnamyj, true conservatives are difficult to find.


Excellent post mattmanyj, and accurate. You can count me as one of those who voted for Mr. Trump reluctantly. I voted for him because I considered him to be the best of two vary bad alternatives, and I was fearful that he would not be conservative enough. Boy was I wrong. I don't know whether, at heart, Donald Trump is a conservative, but I certainly believe that he follows the facts, and the facts are conservative. In any case, I plan to vote for him again in 2020, but not reluctantly this time. This time, it will be enthusiastically.


No thanks Andy. I value all of my God given freedoms, including my second amendment rights, and do not have communist leanings. Therefore, I will be voting Republican in November.

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