The real problem begins long before guns get into the hands of individuals with bad intent. We are never going to stop the senseless violence by focusing on gun control. Guns are being blamed, but the issue is violence that youngsters are exposed to in everyday life in their developing and impressionable years.

After a full dose of force-feeding the violent behavior from toys, games, TV and movies, young minds are influenced to think that violence and killing is OK. The harm has already been done by parents and leaders not addressing the issue before a person is in their teens or later in life.

The entertainment, toy and game industries are promoting the bad behavior being blamed on guns. Taxpayers, police and innocent citizens are paying the bill both monetarily and personally.

It’s like blaming automobiles for traffic deaths.

Dave Sellers


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James Poplar

If we want to end mass shootings in our culture, Governor Northam and others need to focus energy, time and resources on evidenced-based research, and the real cause of mass shootings, instead of using the emotions of tragedy for political gain.


We'd best get busy repealing the famous Dickey Amendment, effectively stifling this type of research.


bknjholl, how many guns do you own? If you own any, how many of them have tried to kill someone?


Very well stated Mr. Sellers. When seconds count the police are only minutes away. Don't allow yourself to be a victim. Ralph Northam has armed guards, so does Pelosi, Shumer, Bloomfield and all the other liberals who don't want you and I to be able to defend ourselves. It's ok for them just not us. Never, ever give up your guns!

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