Clearly, there is no simple solution or panacea for gun violence in the Commonwealth or America. Unfortunately, we have let the “genie” out of the bottle long ago — even though this nation was founded on God we have banished him from our schools, public institutions and families. We no longer value human life as abortions have become, for some, a means of birth control. In America, the family is no longer the foundation that provides nurturing environment for our young — it takes a family not a “village” (some research shows most mass shooters grew up in a home where a father was not present).

We glorify violence daily through television, movie, music and video games and yet we refuse to acknowledge that these factors contribute to the rise of mass shootings and daily violence in our major cities.

James Poplar


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Well, the problem with this argument is that other nations have the same "problems" that are listed above, yet they do not have the same level of gun deaths that we do. So it is unlikely that those are the primary causes.


Those countries also don't have the same freedoms we do....why do you think the majority of immigrants want to come here? Go live in France or Japan or Sweden you will see a big difference in what their freedoms are compared to here, it may look hunky dory from the outside looking in but it isn't!


Dear LVW, if you look at by whom and where most of the gun violence occurs in this country, you will find that segregated inner city minority communities with little religious affiliation, high abortion rates, an absence of fathers and traditional family units, and glorification of "thug" culture directly correlates to the level of gun violence.

James Poplar

Most of the approximately 36,000 annual gun deaths are not from mass shootings and not from assault-style weapons. About 22,000, slightly less than two-thirds, are suicides. Others result from domestic violence, routine crimes and accidents. Of the homicides, nearly two-thirds are from handguns, not military-style assault rifles. These quieter deaths, unlike domestic terror incidents with high body counts and flamboyant weaponry, happen every day


Great letter James.


I see Mr. Facts had a reponse!


Another letter ful of unproven falsehoods!


Which part of this letter is unproven Harvey?


Unproven falsehoods? How about showing us the facts then Mr. know it all....haha not!


And do you have some facts to report? Facts are not just your opinion, right?

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