Mad Magazine, that monthly, satirical, adolescent outlet will soon publish its last edition. It has humored and offended generations of readers and critics since 1952. Mad was much more than a comic, it was anti-authoritarian in the best, nonpartisan sense. It mocked communism, capitalism, stupid rules, stupid adults and stupid politicians of all stripes. It derided the Book of the Month Club for discouraging Americans from choosing their own books. It bravely satirized Joe McCarthy's 1950s witch hunt hearings.

Any reader not offended by Mad at some time was not paying attention. Mad taught us to question those who wield power no matter their sympathies. Its quality was not always the highest, but its cause almost always was. We need it now more than ever.

Barbara Brennan

New Market

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"What, me worry?"


As a teenager, I always felt that reading Mad was a bit subversive. My parents reinforced this feeling by discouraging my sister and me from reading it. Once they got a look at the contents, however, they started laughing with us. It was a great opportunity to take a lighter look at the events of the day.

Mike Muterspaugh

You were a wild and crazy girl Ms. Sheridan. Subversive indeed! And your parents didn't want you to read Mad Mag. More pieces of the puzzle fall in place.

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