Thank you, Onofrio Castiglia, for the timely article concerning the mistreatment of wild box turtles, and coverage of those denouncing any keeping of wildlife for the sole purpose of “entertaining” the public for sport.

I once wrote a letter to the DN-R on the same topic. My anger was, and still is, directed to drivers who try to hit a turtle while it is trying to cross a road. I hope that your article will find its way to Ed Clarke, at the Wildlife Center of Virginia. His show would be a great forum, as a way to make the public aware of what sort of abuse and destruction to our precious wildlife, and particularly, the box turtles, who may live over a hundred years, if left alone and protected, but for uncaring and stupid human beings.

Nell M. Alger


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I've met a few box turtles I really liked. They are usually pretty sarcastic, but overall very caring individuals.


I agree with you Bo. Actually, I prefer the company of box turtles to the company of liberals. 1. Box turtles are self sufficient 2. Box turtles don't go around whining and complaining about how unfair life is 3. Box turtles aren't constantly carping about "man made" climate changes (whatever that is) 4. I've never known a box turtle that graduated from EMU.


Who spoke with the box turtles to ask if they dislike being pets? Could Onofrio read it on their little faces? My dog and cat seem to really enjoy being pets of my family and I know we enjoy having them around. I am not a believer in the turtle whisperer!


I'm not sure that keeping a box turtle as a pet poses a problem, provided that the turtle is properly cared for, but I do feel for the little guys when they try to cross the road. Most folks, I believe, try to avoid them, but there are some individuals who purposely try to run over them just for sport. That's just plain mean. I also think it's pretty cool that if allowed to live to a normal life expectancy, they can live nearly 100 years.


Ditto, Prince Prodigal. My dog went crazy the other morning barking at a box turtle that had wandered into my backyard. I picked him up and put him in a nearby wooded area where no one including my dog would bother him. I hope he has a good long life doing whatever turtles enjoy doing.


Excellent letter Nell.

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