Recent DN-R letters and op-eds that attempt to cheer on an all-positive capitalism and put down an all-evil socialism relative to our American society are way off the mark. To begin, it’s not an either/or situation for the U.S., choosing one system over the other. We are already a “mixed” society with capitalism as the primary, almost all-powerful economic system and democratic socialism, usually through government legislation and regulation, entering the picture as a corrective and complement to capitalism’s ups and many downs (recessions, depressions, inflations, extremes of rich and poor).

Finally, the type of socialistic reforms that Democrats, independents and even some Republicans have advocated, from Social Security to Medicare for All to a Green New Deal, fit with what the mixed capitalist-socialist-democratic societies of northern Europe have been doing for decades while creating the highest standards of living in the world.

Bob Bersson


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Our great county should not be paying people to stay home and not work. Enough is enough, if you don't work you don't eat. Without these drains on our taxes we could easily fix all our roads, build the wall and pay off our debt. The giant sucking sound we continue to hear is killing our country. Get off your backside and get a job, pay your own way and quit stealing our hard earned dollars.




The previous comments reinforce many of the findings of Perry Bacon's study of political attitudes. His study was summarized in the New York Times on 6/26/18 under the definitive title "Democrats Are Wrong About Republicans. Republicans Are Wrong About Democrats." Overall, "What they found was that Americans overall are fairly misinformed about who is in each major party — and that members of each party are even more misinformed about who is in the other party." For example, Republicans assumed that 44% of Democrats are union members and 38% fall into one of the categories of LGBTQ. The correct numbers are 11% and 6%, respectively. Democrats assumed that 44% of Republicans are evangelicals and 44% earn $250,000 or more annually. The correct figures are 34% and 2%. Assumption of extreme views dampens each side's desire to discuss and compromise with the other side. Declarations of what "all Democrats" believe or the "evil" that exists in the Republican party work to divide our society more than it is, sowing more and more discord among us.


Social security and Medicare are not "democratic socialism." Why do people say that? Social security is not an economic system. It's a social program that takes money from one citizen and gives it to another, and contributes nothing to the bottom line.


Democrat socialism is not corrective nor is it a complement to capitalism. It is a deliberate attempt to collapse capitalism and give the government unlimited power and control over the economy. It is an anchor around the neck of our country that gets heavier with each passing year. Social security, Medicare/Medicaid, and endless overly generous government employee pensions are the biggest disasters our country has ever legislated. These programs have promised over $125 TRILLION dollars with no funds to fulfill them and that number will grow to $157 trillion in the next few years alone. That debt is growing at a rate our GDP can never catch up to and eventually they will collapse, just as they were designed to do.


Wasn't the Hitlers party socialists? Bob apparently has never lived in Europe for any length of time.....the tax rate and prices of most products would blow his capitalist mind!


Nice try Bob, but I’m not buying it. Those wonderful socialist European “utopias” also have the highest most oppressive tax rates in the world. (If life is so great there, why haven’t you moved already?) Taking from those who work hard and giving it to those who don’t is wrong on every level. Lazy people who won’t work to provide for themselves and their families deserve to starve to death or die from lack of health care – consider it a self-abortion mechanism to improve the gene pool.


I like your style Mufalme Bishop. I especially appreciate the fact that your comments relating to those who die of starvation due to the fact that they are too lazy to work are really self aborting. What you have done is explained conservative principles in such a way that even an EMU liberal like Bob can understand and appreciate. Abortion, after all, is the primary sacrament of the leftist religion.


Prince Prodigal, I thought I'd put it in terms the lefties could support. [smile]

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