Well it’s official. Trump will not have to run a re-election campaign for 2020. The “new” looney toons have all spoken at the Iowa State Fair and once again, a lot of talking with very little said. The audience in attendance to listen to the dwindling number of Democratic presidential candidates included mostly farm animals and those in attendance for the free food it would seem.

With “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden leading the polls declaring he was vice president when the Parkland mass shooting took place, which was actually last year and also stating that “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”

Last but not least, he said he wants to separate truth from facts. Who wouldn’t vote for the man who Obama worked hard at keeping hidden out of sight? Yes, these are exciting times folks.

Doug Grigg


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How true ... those individuals masquerading as presidential hopefuls are entertaining to watch and listen to as they prove how lame, childish, strange and disgusting they really are.

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