I was encouraged to see area reporting on national security challenges posed by our climate emergency (“Commander Talks Increase in Disasters and Emergencies,” DN-R, Aug. 24).

Our military leaders have, for many years, described climate change as a “threat multiplier,” which poses serious challenges for our armed services at home and worldwide. A good introduction is the 2014 CNA Military Advisory Board report entitled “National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change.” It is free online.

Under the George W. Bush administration, our military top brass were reportedly not permitted to speak nor write about climate issues. Yet, their responsibility included knowing what risks were ahead and planning how to respond. Fortunately, these wise generals got around the political nonsense by outsourcing the “scenario generation” to the Rand Corporation, and assigning the analysis to recently retired generals, whose pensions were secure.

Douglas Hendren


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The military "for many years"......or since Obama ordered them to do several wacky things, instead of focusing on protecting the country. His mission was to try and "transform" the country LV....remember. Gotta get control of everything under the Feds.


So, not only scientists and energy companies, but the military is also in on "the fix"? Where does it end? (Sarcasm alert.)


If there's anyone we should be listening to on climate change, it's our military's generals.

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