In his desperation to appease his shrinking “base,” Gov. Ralph Northam recently proposed a number of so-called “commonsense” gun-control measures, none of which would have prevented the recent Virginia Beach shooting.

On July 9 in less than two hours of General Assembly special session ordered by Northam to pass more gun control bills, the assembly adjourned to allow the state’s bipartisan crime commission to study proposals that might have prevented the shooting.

In lieu of using the Virginia Beach tragedy to push his own progressive agenda, the governor should have called for a blue-ribbon commission to study gun and mental health issues, similar to what Sen. Tim Kaine did as governor following a 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech that left 32 people dead and more than a dozen wounded.

As evidenced by the July 9 session, the Virginia Democratic Party’s goal is to strip away your Second Amendment rights.

James Poplar


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I seriously doubt I am going to take seriously any claim of saving lives from a baby murderer. As didn't he say on the radio program something on the order of in Virginia a baby would be kept comfortable on a table while the mother and her doctor (presumably the black faced comedian) decided what to do with it. No, it's hard to take seriously anything that "man" says.


The more I see of Northam the more I'm convinced he has no common sense or any other kind!


DANT, Northam certainly has no decency. If he had, he would have resigned over his extremely distasteful blackface/KKK photo and blatant lying about not knowing what his college nickname "Coonman" means or how it originated. Likewise with his egregious comments about killing abortion survivors. He lacks both common sense and a moral compass - he's evil.




I do not see a connection between the letter writer's conclusion, in the final sentence, and the rest of his letter.

Mike Muterspaugh

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Hahaha exactly.......listen up Democraps!


No MS Sheridan, this letter makes perfect sense from beginning to end. Governor “Coonman” Northam, and the rest of the racist Demokkkrat party have as their end goal to strip away the second amendment from our constitution, and they are using the Trojan horse of what they call “common sense” gun legislation to do it. Thankfully, they aren’t fooling anyone.


Is anyone surprised bigots like Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam and his fellow DemoKKKrats want to take guns away from black people? They just can’t let racism go. Black Virginians, and all Virginians, need guns to protect themselves from “Coonman” and his ilk.


Excellent post Mufalme Bishop! Well put.

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