There is nothing they won’t do.

The Democratic Party is the party of abortion. If they are willing to support the killing of unborn babies, there is nothing they won’t stoop to do to win elections. The Kavanaugh hearing is a prime example of how the Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal to win. The media will support them no matter the tactics they use or what facts come out after an investigation.

There are few constitutionalists left in our representatives, let alone our nation. A true return to Christianity is our only hope. May we return to the one and only true and living God and plead for His mercy. Pray for our nation.

Harold Roberts


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Good letter Mr. Roberts. The Democrat Party is not only the party of abortion, they are a party of pure evil.


Pure evil is a broad brush, sir. I have a cousin who is a life-long Dem, a committed Christian, pro-lifer, who is active in church and community. I see no evil here.


Well MHM, I'm not buying it. There is no such thing as a Pro-Life Democrat. They don't exist.

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