As usual the Democrats are unfurling their absurd tactics that have also been used in the past — character assassination, trying to pin past problems (many of which they have created) on current Republicans in office and the ever-present misinformation campaign. Look at all of the “mass” shootings (and shootings in general) between January of 2009 to January of 2011.

The Democrats controlled the presidency and Congress. And they failed to do anything to curb gun violence. You can thank Obama, Pelosi and Reid for that. That’s true failure of leadership, And since January 2007 up to the present, there is still no action. Thanks, Pelosi. Thanks, Reid. Thanks, Obama. All through the Obama years the shootings have proliferated. And don’t forget about all of the cops getting shot. Democrats are embracing criminal’s rights, lenient prison terms and restoring felons’ rights and those are problems.

Doug Grigg


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With a few changes to dates and names, this letter could easily be a commentary on Republicans.


Good post Doug!




After reading Grigg’s letter, I have to agree with a Trump that mental health may be part of our problem!

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