That was nice of the DN-R in an editorial to cast a hopeful glance toward Pope Francis, that he might be reversing “Clericalism” and corruption, but as those of us who follow the news from Church Militant know, he’s not. In fact, he just created a fake post for his friend-and-crony, Argentine bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, so that Zanchetta can leave Argentina, and thus maybe avoid his Argentinian August trial for seminarian abuse. This is all so that the man can be “assessor” and oversee the church’s real estate, notwithstanding that he’s also under church investigation for financial mismanagement.

Last winter, Francis unilaterally shut down our own USCCB bishops from creating transparent, lay-led, sexual-misconduct review boards. The “Gay Cabal” remains in the Curia, and the famous, “un-corruptible” Cardinal Viganò remains in hiding.

Those of us who are faithful Catholics want a Federal RICO/Racketeering investigation of the entire U.S. Church.

David Rudmin


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