Kathleen Temple, your neighbors are in jeopardy of being sent back, if they are illegals, (“Don’t Remove — Respect," DN-R, June 25). Vetted by the State Department — good. Violate our sovereign borders — bad. Those who cross our borders are, by definition, criminals.

If your neighbor was a breaking-and-entering expert or one selling drugs or trafficking in children for sex, wouldn’t you be proud they were gone? How do you discriminate in the level of the crime? If you slipped across the border of most nations, you’d be jailed in very uncomfortable places.

We have Americans in Asian and Middle East jails living in horrible conditions for crossing borders without passports or visas. Why then are your neighbors expecting to be treated differently?

Criminals are criminals, when you begin to protest because they are your neighbors you then join them in their illegal venture. Tell them to go back and stand in line.

James Kerwin


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These are people that have no respect for American law, no respect for the Constitution, no respect for the orders of a court, and no respect for the rights of Americans or our way of life, and the illegal aliens are even worse than the Democrats. I see that Pelosi and other Democrats are now offering advice to illegal aliens on how to circumvent the court ordered judgements against them. It appears they have not yet understood that nonsense like that is how we wound up with a president named Donald J Trump.


Excellent post bill.


Good letter James.


I'll second that.

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