Mr. Faw, “Grandiosity In Office,” May 14, attempted to be a psychologist/psychiatric in psychologically dividing President Trump into pieces. Neither he nor I are of those professions, albeit I did psychophysiology research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research as a young man. Narcissistic traits I dare say envelop most politicians. Most grandiose proclamations are written off as campaign rhetoric.

Those “wonderful” presidents mentions: HW Bush, Truman and Carter were largely ineffective or presented with the benefits of having served as a VP to an active president. Carter was a nice decent guy devoid of any accomplishments. Ford was known during his term for two accomplishments: Not being able to chew gum and walk at the same time and pardoning Nixon.

None of this applies to our current president. Hillary Clinton, I agree. Hopefully, when Barr investigates any of her and her brothers’ transgressions, they will be exposed.

George Lampron


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