Some of Rita Dunaway’s columns of late, especially of Saturday, June 8 and Aug. 24, reject the idea of transgenderism. The APA, the American Psychiatric Association, has a diagnosis in its DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition), published in 2013, of Gender Dysphoria, or Transgenderism.

While psychiatry is a soft science, psychiatrists have years of post graduate education and decades of study of human behavior. What does Rita Dunaway know that thousands of psychiatrists don’t?

Rita Dunaway also apparently rejects gay marriage, implying she rejects homosexuality as well.

It becomes apparent that homosexuality and gender dysphoria are the result of a biologically determined brain variant.

When one considers the social ostracism, the discomfort and pain of the drug regimens and surgery required to change sex, it is also apparent that no one is going to do this on a whim as Ms. Dunaway suggests.

Hunter Lucke


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Serial killers, serial rapist, and pedophiles have a brain variant as well and that tells us what? Because someone can't help doing what they do does that make it right?


Good point Dant.


DANT, liberals think we are all mindless animals and should not be held responsible for the consequences of our choices....

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