Tom Yeager’s letter, “Voting and Violence,” June 26, is typical of the left, blame someone else for the actions of a deranged individual. Here are the facts: The police chief stated no gun law would have prevented that attack. Virginia Beach already had in place many of the same firearm restrictions that the governor is trying to impose on all Virginians. Gov. Ralph Northam also admitted his proposals wouldn’t have prevented it.

Like most “feel good” gun control restrictions, they didn’t concern the attacker. They were only heeded by the law-abiding employee who wanted to carry for personal protection but opted against it to comply with the rule. Sadly, she was one of the victims of the attack.

Mr. Yeager says vote for someone who will protect you from the firearms industry? No thanks. I will vote for the only candidate who supports my freedom to protect myself by protecting my Second Amendment rights. Vote Tony Wilt.

Dennis DeMille


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Great post Dennis! Allen is clueless!


I'm with you Dennis, I will vote for someone who supports ME protecting myself and my family. The idiots on the left want to make everyone a victim and unable to defend themselves. Police are not there to prevent you from being a victim of crime, their role is to cleanup after the crime has been committed.


Amen Dennis. Well stated.

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