As American soldiers are sent to Saudi Arabia, it is worth remembering that:

— This is the country of origin for 15 of the 19 terrorists responsible for 9/11.

— The families of the 9/11 victims are still suing the Saudi government for helping to coordinate those attacks.

— Saudi Arabia is a country that treats women as second- or third-class citizens.

— In Saudi Arabia religions other than Islam are not tolerated. In return for oil, American soldiers will be helping to prop up one of the most corrupt governments in the world, while the Saudi royal family sing “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

J.J. Leary

Fulks Run

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Good points, Mr. Leary. These are all the more reasons the U.S. has to become energy independent and walk away from Saudi Arabia.


It is unfortunate that even one drop of blood has been spilled in defense of the House of Saud. It is the center of Wahhabism, a particularly virulent strain of Islam, and all the rage among Islamic terrorists past and present. It is also unfortunate that Saudi Arabia has a history of exporting the teachings of Wahhabism into many other countries by financing Wahhabist preachers and funding madrassas. The perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks were some if its adherents. The Federal government really showed them by attacking and occupying Afghanistan and then doing the same in Iraq (who had nothing to do with 9/11).

So, the question, as always, is whose interests and agenda was advanced by ignoring Saudi Arabia’s support of Islamic terror in favor of military invasion, occupation and nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan? Nasty business, that.

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