A male is no longer a male and a female is no longer a female. Each of them can identify to be their opposite sex.

A judge in the judiciary system then tells the society that the society must accept these people as they see themselves. What society will accept such an act from its males and females? What society will accept such a decision from a member of its judiciary system?

A society that has been corrupted by its own "rules of law." A society that says, "If I tell them that they are wrong they will not like me." A society that has lost its moral bearing. A society that has forgotten what is right and wrong. A society a weak people who are always willing to negotiate and take the easy way. A society that will be doomed. A society that will be damned by "GOD/JEHOVAH/YAHWEH."

Willis Davis


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You are correct: this modern society has been totally corrupted by liberal progressive screwballs and they need to be stopped!


You nailed it Newshound.

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