It is easy to pick up a pen and point negative comments at our elected officials as done recently concerning Tony Wilt's vote on I-81 taxation. I shared similar concerns and thought that tolls would be a better solution but took a different approach to understanding.

I contacted Mr. Wilt and had a civil discussion with him allowing him to explain that a gantry toll system requires maintenance (read new expenditures) and toll booths require personnel diluting the potential monies for road work while the fuel tax will require neither. Rather than raise unfounded suspicions (his trucks spend little time on I-81) perhaps a phone call would be appropriate.

There is no need to castigate those willing to serve. If you have a better solution then step up to the plate and run for office.

Robert Evans


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I wonder if there is a sunset provision in this regional taxation scheme? When they are done with the new construction does this huge increase of the gas tax go away?? I did not waste time checking the legalese.....but I think I am on safe ground in assuming it does not. Just imagine all the other BS projects, VDOT will blow the money on once they have it coming in every year. Most of which, will not be in this area. It will be added to the 20-25% waste they already squander every year. I'd love to have someone respond with an affirmative and make me feel like it's Christmas in July.....but I fear it will be just SOS.


I think, in general, people would do better by contacting the person or organization directly, rather than bellyaching in a letter to the editor, if they want answers or results.

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