What happened to erase all logic from the minds of Americans? As Diane Dimond pointed out in her viewpoint, “Wanted: Leaders to Tackle Mass Shooting Epidemic,” DN-R, Aug. 19, mass shootings began years before the current president was in office. Blaming one person (i.e., President Trump) for the recent epidemic of mass shootings is insulting to our intelligence. Blaming a single individual does nothing but fan the flames of group hysteria. Does anyone really think that this will do anything to fix the problem?

The current House of Representatives is mired in the mud of insisting on impeachment of the sitting president and doing nothing to ensure public safety. Could we please have just one leader capable of rallying a group of logical individuals to identify the real causes of the violence and to develop a logical plan to deal with the problem?

Carolyn Yager

Mount Crawford

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Well, a good start would b to enforce laws we already have. We could actually impose sentences for use of a firearm in the commission of a felony instead of bargaining it away. We could imprison politicians that started programs (like Fast and Furious) that intentionally broke federal law and ended up getting a Border Patrol Agent killed. We could actually imprison continual law breakers instead of releasing them to kill again. We could round up and deport the illegal child molesters, robbers, murderers, etc. in our country. You mean common sense things like that?


Spot on Chief!

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