In your article about Sen. Kaine’s visit to Harrisonburg, (“Kaine: Synagogue Shooting ‘Shameful,’” Oct. 29), he decries Trump’s rhetoric as responsible for violence.

I don’t hear Kaine or good Democrats rebuke comments like Hillary Clinton’s “You can’t be civil with those people...,” Eric Holder’s “When they go low… we kick ’em,” or Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic defamation.

When you call Kaine’s office to ask why he won’t denounce harassment of Republicans, or whether Kaine believes a person is now considered guilty until proven innocent, his staffer may hang up on you, as she did me … twice!

Read our senators’ joint statement about violence. It denounces choice groups, but doesn’t include leftists like authority hating Anti- Fa. Selective outrage!

I’ve heard the media state a version of this theme; “Trump hates (fill in the blank)”, but they fail to hear their own hateful rhetoric. Maybe the rise of violence is the result of a loathing press and universal lack of respect.

Maj. Steven D. Owen

(U.S. Army, Retired)


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It's obvious to anyone possessing the intellect of a soapdish that the fascist left is the true nexus of hate in this country.


DC, spot on as always.


USA Today said Antifa. NBC News said Antifa. WaPost said Smash Racism (Antifa).


USA Today, NBC, and the Washington Post all referred to "antifa" -- lower case a -- to indicate people who are opposed to fascism. There is no tightly-structured, world-wide Antifa organization, as you seem to imply. Yes, there is something called "Smash Racism" which falls in the lower-case-a antifa category, but it is a small, loosely structured, mostly ad hoc movement. To say otherwise is like calling a large group of asylum-seekers an invading force. Fear-mongering. I think I'm smarter than a soapdish ... and I do read entire news articles, not just the sensational parts.


Complete horse manure.


Wait. I thought Kaine listened. He said so in his political advertisements.


Of course it was a fabrication (err lie) in keeping with the dirty Dems MO
The corruption once again in Broward County Fla. emerges to fiddle and manipulate vote totals.
Because of its supposed utter incompetence and likely criminal intent by officials, that county's entire vote total should be tossed out as tainted/compromised.


There is no evidence of corruption in Broward County ... just a figment of Republican imagination. Remember the "rigged" elections of 2016? Remember how they suddenly disappeared when Trump knew he was going to prevail in the Electoral College?

Mike Muterspaugh

No evidence? Really?


The Democrat Party did attempt to rig the 2016 election, and succeeded in their primary by shutting out Bernie Sanders and coronating Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. They tried again in the general election by using the power of government, namely the FBI, to do their bidding against now President Trump. Thankfully, though, they failed in their attempt, and the country is much better for it.


So the liberal candidate that said he was cheated in the Wasserman-Schutz election by the same person in charge of votes is lying too, right?


This letter is a perfect example of targeting "choice groups." The writer offers examples of Hillary Clinton saying "you can't be civil..." (which doesn't sound like much of an incitement); Eric Holder (in a quote that has been completely taken out of context); Louis Farrakhan (since when is he a representative of the Democratic Party?), and ANTIFA (does it still exist?). Contrast this with Trump telling a rally crowd to "get him outta here;" disparaging the bravery of John McCain and the honor of a Gold Star family; insulting the looks of Carly Fiorino and Stormy Daniels, among many others; suggesting that protesting NFL players should be fired ... or worse; referring to large numbers of Mexicans as thieves, rapists, and gang members; implying that all Muslims are terrorists who should be kept out of this country; attaching disparaging nicknames to his opponents (Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, Little Marco); refusing to unequivocally condemn the actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville; suggesting that victims in Pittsburg were somehow at fault for not hiring an armed guard to protect the congregation, and on and on. I work with young people and special populations, and I assure you that Trump's belligerent words have a dangerous impact on many. Many people feel they have been given license to speak whatever horrible thought comes into their heads. And as for the staffer that hung up on the letter writer, this was probably an intern or a low-level functionary who is not paid enough to withstand the invective of an angry constituent. If you have a beef with the Senator, write him a letter. Don't take it out on a low-level staffer in his office.


Trump's "belligerant words" are closer to factual statements .... Kaine and his ilk are totally unprofessional and demented democrats. Just the sight of or mention of Stormy Daniels makes me want to barf!


People like


Obviously the sight of Stormy Daniels did not want to make the president barf some years ago.


You make a good point that words are important and have an impact on the young but that starts at home and young people have been speaking their mind long before Trump became president.
Yesterday Antifa physically broke down Tucker Carlson's door and you ask if Antifa still exists and that is worrisome because it seems as if you are dismissing their criminal behavior.


From a Washington Post article about the incident at Carlson's home, "He [Carlson} added that he still does not know who was behind the protest, but plans to find out." Where is the "Antifa" link? And the door was not broken down ... it was cracked. I think all of this is horrid, and people from all sectors --- including CNN and the Washington Post -- have loudly condemned the actions. I wonder if such incidents could have been avoided if Trump had been more vigorous in his criticism of those who instigated the violence in Charlottesville.


I heard Holder criticized several times on both CNN and FOX for his comment. Both Rs and Ds are saying a lot of things they should not say, and we hear what we want to hear and ignore the rest.


Good letter Major Owen. As I recall, Senator Kaine's son is a member of the terrorist group Antifa. I'm guessing this could help explain both Mr. Kaine's reluctance to call out such groups for what they actually are, and Mr. Kaine's own heart as it relates to this matter. The "apple", as they say, usually doesn't fall very far from the tree.

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