Our president, Donald Trump, is human. What people accuse him of doesn’t make it so. He defends himself a lot. He was a sinner like all of us. None of us are perfect, even after we are saved.

The president has not been a Christian for a long time. Yes, he has a lot to learn about the Bible. I don’t care if we have been saved for years, we can always learn more from the Bible each time we read the text. At the end of the day, all Christians should ask for forgiveness because we could have said or done something of which we are not aware. We have no way of knowing, at the end of the day, if he is asking for forgiveness. Only God knows what each person does.

A lot of this has to do with the heart. In my many years of voting, the first time I did so for a Republican president was in 2016. I got so tired of the Democrats standing up for abortion rights and same-sex marriage. It just seemed to keep getting worse. Most of the Democrats’ views on gender identity and bathrooms also made me become disillusioned with the party and believe it was getting worse in every way. This made me change. I asked God to forgive me. I had to ask myself if we’re killing our babies, how does creation go on?

This president is especially under so much pressure, and God saw fit to put him in the highest office because he is tough and stands up for the Christian way and the ways of the Bible. It’s very important that he has people of all faiths praying for him.

Whoever the president is, please don’t put him or her down. Pray for the president if you are on the opposite side. This president is more for protecting this country than others have been. Those who pray over him each day at the White House encourage him. From here on out, I don’t go by party affiliation like I used to do. It doesn’t matter if candidates are Democrats or a Republicans — if they stand up for the Bible, they will get my vote. Pray for all in authority positions. Pray for our nation so it will not become a socialist country — as some want it to be. Give your opinions and please take a stand for our country. Don’t hide in the church. Put your Christianity in those opinions you give.

Joyce Good lives in Stanley.

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