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A Valley resident told me it was common in the 1990s for his friends to take shotguns and put them in the trunks of their cars. They parked the cars in the school parking lots. After school, they went hunting with their dads and uncles. None of the teenage friends ever thought of going to a … Read more

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Let us stop the debate: Climate Change is real. The climate of Earth has been changing and has changed for eons and eons. Once there were no ice caps on the poles. Once an ocean filled the middle of the United States. Ice caps were formed and that huge ocean evaporated. We know that and that… Read more

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Do you remember some of the names that were used by childhood bullies — perhaps even by adults — to shame or embarrass you? How about runt, cry-baby, lazy, good-for-nothing, clumsy, mama’s boy, goody-two-shoes, to mention a few that we can repeat in print? Having been the recipient of some s… Read more

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Back in the 1960s women were sometimes candidates for my church denomination’s yearly conference moderator position, but none had been elected yet, when one year the nominating committee listed two women for that position so a woman would finally be elected. Some men came to my father asking… Read more

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The respective virtues and pitfalls of two competing economic systems are in full-throated debate. Socialism, which only until recently was advocated by “fringe” progressives, is being promoted by many mainstream Democrats. Capitalism — the economic system that propelled the United States on… Read more

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In 1988, I was assigned to a U.S. Navy Warship as the ship’s dental officer. We were sent to the Persian Gulf for a six-month deployment. At the time, the Iran/Iraq war was raging. In May 1987, the USS Stark had been mistakenly targeted by Iraqi warplanes. It was hit by two antishipping miss… Read more

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Here is my reply to Bill Faw’s op-ed, “Breaking Down Grandiosity,” June 14, stating that my observation on Hillary was written without giving any evidence. There are many books available on the subject of Hillary written by “insiders” such as retired Secret Service agents and others, among t… Read more

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What enables some of us to accept climate change or global warming as a real phenomenon caused by human activity while others cannot share this same opinion? Even family and friends are heatedly divided on this topic. Given my own views, there are some basic examples in many of our lives whi… Read more

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Democratic and Republican administrations have done it. Presidents with allegedly different philosophies have done it. They have started unnecessary wars, largely to enhance their own administrations and the consequent opportunities to use wartime powers. Read more

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In the 20th century, Republicans and conservatives advocated for conservation. Republican President Theodore Roosevelt said “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your ch… Read more

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I heard the story of a 19-year-old man who had broken his smart phone twice and replaced it. After he broke it a third time, his father finally discovered what was going on. He confessed that he’d broken it by throwing it in a fury against a wall, so disgusted with himself that he couldn’t s… Read more

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There are people in this country who would prefer a move away from capitalism and toward socialism. Less than a week before Cuba was closed to Americans, I visited there and I'm here to report that it is frightening to think that Americans could consider anything close to socialism. Read more

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On May 14 my open forum “Grandiosity In Office” was published, the first half of which listed statements and actions illustrating that “one of the striking characteristics of President Trump is grandiosity.” Then I asked readers to compare these with the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality … Read more

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As we approach another election cycle, many Democratic candidates advocate “Medicare for All” (aka, universal health care or “free health care for all.”). As an active duty member of the United States military, I participated in — or, rather, was subjected to — “free government health care” … Read more

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Anthropocene: The Time of Humans. The U.N. in a report has stated the unbelievable: Humans have inhabited the Earth for 200,000 years. Two hundred years ago the Earth’s population was 1 billion people: Today that population is (approximately) 7.3 billion, over seven times more. Further in th… Read more