I wish to respond to Robbie Miller’s Open Forum, (“Columnist Increasingly Partisan, Stereotypical,” DN-R, Nov. 29) concerning Rita Dunaway’s articles. She is not writing “partisan and stereotyped diatribes against liberals.” She is simply trying to remind us of our nation’s Christian heritage and how our nation appears to be straying away from that heritage.

I was a high school student during World War II. I remember how the Germans seemed to be unstoppable as they conquered one European nation after another. The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor brought the United States into the war as they seemed unstoppable also in the Pacific area. Our nation prayed.

As the Allied forces finally began to prevail, Germany developed jet fighters that were far superior to anything the Allies had. However, they were unable to produce enough to change the direction of the war because the Allies kept bombing their factories. After the surrender of Germany, the Allies discovered that Germany was only six months away from making an atomic bomb.

The war ended in 1945 and the American churches were filled with people full of gratitude: that with God’s help, we had prevailed. However, things began to change in America, and church attendance began to drop. The Christian faith was being challenged in its courts, and in 1948, the United States Supreme Court (considered by some to be our nation’s conscience) ruled that religious education could not be taught in public schools.

In 1962, the Supreme Court ruled that prescribed prayers could not be held in public schools, and in 1963 it ruled that teachers were not allowed to lead prayer or Bible reading in public schools.

The most demanding challenge to the church was the LGBT movement in 1969. Its “coming out” with its “gay is OK” seems to have silenced the church with its emphasis on “love was the true factor and knows no gender.” The church has failed to address this even though the scriptures are very clear on this issue.

America’s claim of being a Christian nation has been challenged further with the Supreme Court ruling that abortion is legal in 1973. Since then, over 60 million unborn babies have been murdered and only the Catholic Church appears to voice its concern by promoting a “March For Life” in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 22 of each year. Some individual protestant churches participate in these marches, but it appears that the denominations they represent do not consider it important enough to encourage participation by all their churches.

Supreme Court decisions and our nation drifting away from its Christian roots are why Mrs. Dunaway is trying to remind us of our heritage. She is encouraging us to return and embrace it. She is not judging us. She is simply reminding us of the biblical alternative, and reminding us that we do have a choice.

By the way, this choice involves all of us, and determines where you and I will spend eternity.

Larry Roller lives in Mount Sidney.

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Correct. America has not ever been and is not now a Christian nation. It is a secular state that guarantees that ANYONE may practice the religion of their choice. Mr. Roller along with many who wish for a theocratic state are actually wishing FOR the kind of state that many of the original settlers of our country came here to avoid.

With regards to the comments concerning the LGBT community. Thank God that a theocracy as described does not exist. All God's critters get to sing in the choir.

Jim Kadel

"After the surrender of Germany, the Allies discovered that Germany was only six months away from making an atomic bomb." Really? I don't remember that fact coming out right after the war...I do remember hearing at that time that the Germans were very far from developing such a weapon. Oh, but more recently (2005), a German historian, Rainer Karlsch claimed differently. He's been largely discredited however. Here is a link: http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/the-third-reich-how-close-was-hitler-to-the-a-bomb-a-346293.html
For me, it discredits an article when easily checked facts are misrepresented.


I suspect Mr. R grew up, as I did, in a largely Protestant neighborhood. In two blocks of row houses I was only aware of one Jewish family. I was not aware until much later that there are over 100 religions in the world. A lot of Christians do not take the bible literally. The courts were correct in removing Christian prayer and bible reading from the public schools. Religion is a personal matter and should be taught at home and in church.

R B Tate

"A lot of Christians do not take the Bible literally." Makes no sense whatsoever.


Awwwwwlrighty then.


Good letter Larry. Spot on.

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