Japan in the late 1960s made it an official policy to subsidize their integrated circuit market. The U.S. manufacturers could not manufacturer their “chips” at the price Japanese manufacturers were selling them. The result was most American semi-conductor developers and producers went out of business; the Japanese then owned the integrated circuit industry. Why is this important to know? The Chinese have been underselling American producers in nearly every market. How do they do that? Low, low wages, government subsidies, stealing American designs and manufacturing techniques. Impossible you say? Really? You heard often of their not paying for movies, songs, proprietary properties, but you rarely read about them hacking the Pentagon now or searching for anything they can steal. It’s no longer news.

Tariffs you are now beginning to see are as they should have been for 50 years and American workers have paid the price by losing jobs to China.

The Chinese government has been using internet technology as a weapon for 20 or more years. They have an entire military organization whose singular purpose is cyber warfare. They have other governmental organizations solely for internal disruption of the U.S. and other countries. They know the inside and outside of the U.S. political framework and its weakness, which they probe constantly. The Chinese use the American political and news systems to attack and disseminate lies and half-truths.

Today, the left of our political system jumps on that bandwagon to weaken and undermine the current administration. When the U.S.. imposes proper tariffs or attempts to stop the stealing of our designs and practices, China screams unfair and the left joins them. Fairness and equality in treatment does not work: The Chinese must feel the loss of income due to tariffs and laws before they will react positively.

In 1950, an almost rag-tag Army with superior numbers of soldiers, using Soviet tanks and planes, fought the America nand U.N. soldiers to a standstill. I worry about the Chinese war machine. It is huge and getting bigger and technologically superior. They are using the interest from our $22 trillion in loans to fund their military and technological build up. Automobiles, gas engines, once rarely seen within China are omnipresent polluters. The Chinese have no watchdogs complaining about global warming, no OSHA, no clean air act. Their air is so bad it can be seen. Facemasks are required to breathe almost breathable air. I have questions on the water they drink, toxic dumps, and all those safety protocols we American take for granted.

In 1950, the Chinese were at the 1939/44 status technologies with weapons and manpower. Since then, they have leaped by decades in numbers and qualities of ships, planes, and missiles. The Pacific once not long ago was our bathtub now the Chinese roam that ocean as their own. Russia once said they’d bury us. That job may belong to the Chinese. VP Biden, China isn’t our friend.

Think slave labor.

George Lampron lives in Rockingham.

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How curious. In the 90s and 00s, conservatives pushed permanent trade status with China, while many liberals opposed it for labor and humanitarian reasons.

Mike Muterspaugh

Well stated Mr. Lampron. Alas, the front runner in the clown parade of Democratic Presidential aspirants says that China is no treat at all. Good ole uncle Joe; clueless as always.


Cockenchoker will out race Biden, no worries. Liberalism may also revisit the square.

James Poplar

A superlative capture of the REAL issue impacting the security and very existence of our nation. While Democrats dither with trying to undue the last presidential election through the fallacy of impeachment, China will continue to take advantage of our weakness. When conflict with China eventually comes we will lose many of our young men and women raised in the Valley due to our unpreparedness. The blood of our youth will be on the hands of those Democrats and Progressives who choose to ignore the real threat facing this nation -- it is not climate change, social welfare programs, nor impeachment.

Mike Muterspaugh


James Poplar

A superlative and factual capture of the crucial issue facing the security and very existence of our nation --- the author is spot on ! While Democrats dither with trying to undue the last presidential election through the fallacy of impeachment, China will continue to take advantage of our weakness. And when conflict with China eventually comes, and it will due to our unpreparedness, we will loose many young men and women raised here in the Valley. Progressives will have blood on their hands and should hang their heads in shame for their inability to look at the real issues facing this nation.

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