Let us stop the debate: Climate Change is real. The climate of Earth has been changing and has changed for eons and eons. Once there were no ice caps on the poles. Once an ocean filled the middle of the United States. Ice caps were formed and that huge ocean evaporated. We know that and that was climate change. The argument is about why the planet is now warming. Some honest scientists believe in 75 years or so the earth may not be habitable. Some other scientists shout loudly and an ignorant politician, claiming to be the inventor of the internet, got the Nobel Prize over global warming. The time for ignorance and taking credit is gone. Now, starting today, something must be done.

Air pollution is real. Look across this Valley East or West you can see it is visible! The cause is evident: Automobiles i.e trucks and cars. America and now the world formed a lover’s attachment to the gasoline engine. We have many along with cars, trucks, aircraft, chainsaws, pony engines, tractors, lawn mowers, etc. They all pollute. Forgive me, world, I own them all. They make my life easier albeit they are ruining my lungs, heart, hearing and health as they help.

The only solution is to stop the pollutants at their sources: End the use of all gasoline engines. Change our method of electricity production from coal, gas, wood, all those products this world has relied upon since man lived in caves. Forest fires, volcanoes spew tons of pollutants into the atmosphere. How do we stop Asian countries from polluting? We Americans can’t.

Should the U.S. stop the production of gas engines, autos, trucks, electricity from fossil fuel sources? Then will the atmosphere have more of the current pollution in the air from South American burning forest, Central America, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe?

Economically the U.S. could become a fourth world producer. The GDP i.e. Gross Domestic Product and production could head toward zero while China and the rest of the world thrive. Our enemies will not sit back and just laugh — this will be their opportunity to attack. Where are the planes, tanks, trucks, material of war and protection produced? Not here. Where will we get the food currently produced by farmers using huge gas guzzling engines? The food processing plants that rely on coal fueled electric plants will produce no food. Cities shall darken.

The U.S. can only fix the U.S. — not the world. Will the politicians work as a unit to solve this problem or will the world we know end? Climate change is real and so is air pollution. Which will kill you first?

George Lampron lives in Rockingham.

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Orange man bad, is Western State full must we constantly be harangued by these clueless wastes of oxygen. If the water gets high ship it to African, they can use it or California. While we are building wall include Calimexico and the rest. That way you can go home and crawl into your safe spaces just before you get mugged by your new neighbors. Enjoy your new life amongst the new elite.Instead work on more efficient ways to desalinize water, help someone and read real facts.


It is hard to know what he is saying.


Come on. He might have thought about the power of the US in the onslaught of WWII and all that was done to secure a bright future for the world. We can apply that energy now.


Right. Everybody has known for 25 years that the world faced this major challenge, but that challenge had the bright side of forcing us to leapfrog to the next level of technology and standard of living. It could have and should have united not just Americans, but the whole world. What is more important, preserving this blue orb, or providing an ego platform for a spoiled New York brat, or the nationalist ambitions of a Vladimir Puten, or the myths of Islamic martyrdom, or any of the other pursuits that are trivial by comparison.


More like 50, but the scurvy was only cured after it occurred. that's the hand dealt. so we progress in our simple way.

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