Here is my reply to Bill Faw’s op-ed, “Breaking Down Grandiosity,” June 14, stating that my observation on Hillary was written without giving any evidence. There are many books available on the subject of Hillary written by “insiders” such as retired Secret Service agents and others, among them Dick Morris.

These books, if you can find them in a public library, do indeed reveal Hillary as being well-endowed with the previously mentioned six facets of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Herewith are the examples, of which I will, in the interests of space, cite only a few:

1. Grandiose sense of self-importance. “It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush” (summer, 2008); “I was named after Sir Edmond Hillary, who was the first to climb Mount Everest.” (seven years after she was born); “We had to bend down and run to avoid the sniper fire.” News films of her Bosnia visit show her walking and laughing.

2. Believes she is “special” and unique. Just listen to any speech.

3. Requires excessive admiration. Read one of the books on her.

4. Has a sense of entitlement. Hated Obama, regarded him as an upstart and undeserving.

5. Interpersonally exploitative. She was accused of speaking to Juanita Broddrick, allegedly implying that she’d better shut up about Bill’s having raped her.

6. Lacks empathy. A standout example is a recording of her reciting an experience as a public defender of an adult male accused of raping a young teenager.

I don’t know where these fit in, but they are noteworthy. She treated her Secret Service as though they were “hired hands.” Another tells of the violent fights she had may have with Bill, throwing things at him. When Bill was governor of Arkansas, she magically found herself on the board of directors of Walmart, and working at a top-notch law firm in Little Rock.

There’s so much material on her that the “mainstream media” ignores. That’s why it behooves us to do our own research on any Democratic candidate — for the most part, the media certainly won’t.

George R. Gallagher lives in Grottoes.

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A perfect example of that is how the pathetic, wretched, vile, fake news media refused to report on Obama's rampant drug use in high school and college; Biden's 20 years of blatant corruption, racism and segregation; and Hillary's well known, very long term problem with alcohol and anger issues not to mention her sheer corruption. None of these things were ever considered newsworthy because the FAKE NEWS media was very busy making these people out to be holier than thou, promoting them as people worthy of our praise and admiration. But man, when Trump got two scoops of ice cream while everyone else got one, the FAKE NEWS media lost their minds though, didn't they? How can this happen?? TWO scoops? Who does this man think he is??? They shouldn't wonder why they have no credibility left.


Okay, so both Hillary and The Donald suffer from grandiosity. We still have an incompetent horse's @ss for president.


Actually LVW, I voted for him thinking that he would be a horses tail end, but knew also that he would likely be preferable to Hillary. Since Election Day 2016, I must say that I have been much more impressed with him than I thought I would be. He is turning out to be one of our best presidents, not the most polished to be sure, but one of our best nonetheless.


I believe your 1st two sentences, but the 3rd is just plain silly.


Oh LVW, you'll be voting for The Donald in 2020. I've seen liberals, like yourself, in transition, before. All of the signs are there: the snarky online posts, the sarcastic, reluctant acknowledgement that conservatives are good people (even if their heads are filled with "religious mumbo jumbo"). That's okay, we understand that it's difficult to admit that your party has left you. When you're ready to jump on the conservative train, we will welcome you with open arms. [beam]




Prince Prodigal, you made my day with that post! Take the red pill, LVW, take the red pill.

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