President Trump recently tweeted, “The Dems are getting NOTHING done in Congress!” He claimed that Democrats are focused on investigating Trump, leaving no time for passing legislation.

This statement is a lie. In late May, I received a letter from my congressman, Republican Ben Cline, stating, “What many Americans do not know is each week, a whole host of bills are passed under a House provision where there is little debate and often the bills are passed on a voice vote.” Cline went on to discuss nine bills that have been approved within the last month by the House, all dealing with veterans’ issues. These include: HR2333, HR2371, HR2340, HR2359, HR1812, HR2326, and HR2045.

The only thing missing from Cline’s letter was acknowledgement that these bills gained bipartisan approval in a legislative body led by Democrats. Not only are Dems getting something done in Congress, they are doing it by working with Republicans.

A recent Washington Post editorial made a similar point. In “Trump’s Narrative is Nonsense …” Catherine Rampell scolded the media for reporting solely on contentious investigations rather than “other substantive issues that … voters care about.” She listed important bills that the House has passed since January: HR2536, HR1935, HR1239, and HR1612.

According to, the House has passed 235 pieces of legislation since January. Some of these are simple matters passed under the provision mentioned by Cline. However, in the same period of time, the Senate has passed only 17 pieces of legislation, including simple matters. In fact, all the bills mentioned above are sitting in the Republican-controlled Senate, waiting to be considered.

When Trump repeats lies often enough, people come to believe them. Think carefully about his statements. A do-nothing Congress? Look at the evidence. Sleepy Joe Biden? Sounds like a stereotype of a nice person. Crazy Nancy Pelosi? Trump’s way of deflecting criticism. Dumb-as-a-Rock Rex Tillerson? Who hired him to be secretary of state and how did he rise so far at Exxon Mobil? Trump uses such nicknames often, and people come to accept them.

The biggest lie of all is “fake news.” To my mind, declaring something “fake news” is equivalent to saying “I hear what you’re saying but I don’t agree, so I’ll pretend that you’re making it up” or “I don’t want to deal with what you said, so I’ll just ignore it.” If the New York Times, or broadcast news, or Time magazine are deliberately writing falsehoods, it should be worth the president’s time to show what is wrong with those stories and to demand retractions. Shouting “fake news” requires no proof. It is a way of debunking stories without evidence.

Trump’s criticisms cannot be accepted at face value. Calling someone “dumb” over and over does not make that person dumb. If we have learned anything over the last few years, it’s that we must look into the veracity of Trump’s statements. We must think for ourselves.

Susan Sheridan lives in Rockingham.

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It's going to be intriguing to see how the Trump Deranged attempt to spin events once Durham starts dropping indictments.


Keep hope alive.


I got a hundred that says indictments are coming...


Donald Trump is moving forward with every single promise he made as he campaigned, every single one of them. He has stimulated the economy, he has lowered tax and he is working on a board wall just to name a few. Mr. Obama openly lied to us so many times, anyone remember if you like your doctor you can keep them? Donald Trump is boisterous and unrefined at times but it's such a breath of fresh air to put your faith in a politician and have that person actually do what they said they would do. Thank God for Mr. Trump!




Trump is keeping "every single promise"? What about imprisoning Hillary Clinton? What about repealing and replacing the ACA? What about the great, big, wonderful new health care plan he was going to introduce during his first month if office? What about the great, big, beautiful wall he was going to build across the US/Mexico border? What about cleaning up the swamp? He seems to have added to it instead, appointing people who have already been removed from office. What about being too busy to play golf or take a vacation? And if Obama lied to us "so many times," why is the promise that you can keep your own doctor the only thing ever mentioned? Faced with these facts, I cannot agree with your assertion..

Mike Muterspaugh

Ah, Ms. Sheridan, lets not forget: you can keep your current health plan you will save $2500/yr in premiums we can use almost a trillion dollars for shovel ready jobs Enjoy:


Sorry, Politifact is a bogus source.




Driving home on my usual route an HPD cruiser was sitting offset from the intersection of Pleasant Drive and Pleasant Valley Road. Eventually, the cruiser appeared in my mirrors. Right on 11, the cruiser continued behind me and when I switched into the passing lane on South Main so did the cruiser. I expected it to turn left on West Mosby at Cline's. The light turned green and I strolled on down to the light at Erickson, with my friend in tow. After the light I veered left into Sheet(z) as the cruiser continued in the passing lane. The nature of an authoritarian leader is to destroy trust, in other words. Dansby, it doesn't work.


All policies that anyone could support but the phony Dems are stonewalling the REAL issues of immigration and border security, allowing imbeciles like AOC and others to steal all the oxygen in the room with thier delusional beliefs, and masking their socialism crusade. Throw out a few MREs and claim you've prepared a feast. Sneaky, corrupt Dems--as usual!


My compliments, Ms Sheridan. Rational argument is such a rarity.


Thanks for your well-researched piece. This kind of factual analysis is pretty much always missing from the media reports. Sadly this type of information isn't very good click bait. Folks complain about liberal media or conservative media, but the real bias is Corporate Media. It's all horse race, gossip, real and manufactured scandal and controversy. The mundane gets little attention. The real workings of government and public service go on in the background. Thanks again for your excellent piece.


Now that Trump has been elected, perhaps it is too easy to explain how it happened, but it seems to me that one of the things that attracts many voters to him is his willingness to speak in an unscripted way. No other high official has been willing to do this, for fear a simple misstatement would mean curtains for them. For whatever reason—perhaps his long exposure to public scrutiny—Trump is willing to take more risks in his talking to the press. Remember, he is the guy that would call into news shows on his own initiative. Unprecedented.


A hero is unscripted. He's no hero, just a player.


Dear hbd, for once I agree with you.


I will say it once again: A person without integrity needs to be summarily dismissed. Also I wanted to mention that the editorial on Friday was a perfection of emotion thought and writing. It was the one about the graduating class. I'm off to investigate the rabies outbreak to the north:) Integrity by this definition means to words, spoken or otherwise.


The Donald has always had a strained relationship with the truth.

Harvey Yoder

Focusing on the importance of basing our positions on evidence-based truth, what a novel concept! Thanks for your piece.

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