Come Nov. 8, the voters of the 6th Congressional district, which includes Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, and surrounding areas, will make their biennial choice for their member of Congress in the House of Representatives.  This year’s contest pits long-time incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte against Democrat Kai Degner, a member of Harrisonburg’s City Council and a former city mayor.

Mr. Degner has mounted a spirited campaign, and we appreciate and admire his dedication to public service. First elected to Harrisonburg City Council in 2008, he has topped the polls in the city in two successful campaigns for council and would likely prevail in this election easily if the district were confined to the city limits.

But, it is not, and Degner’s policy positions that emulate those of the Obama administration and the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won’t play well with a majority of the district’s residents. He gets great credit for his listening skills and for running a spirited but civil campaign, but we don’t agree that such matters like climate change, income inequality, and social justice are the most burning issues facing our nation.

Since his election to Congress in 1992, Mr. Goodlatte has ably represented the district, most notably in his past post as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and his current role as chairman of the powerful House Judiciary committee.

Mr. Goodlatte has served his district with distinction for over two decades, and he is certainly no stranger to the people of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, given his personal presence in the region for events big and small.

His constituent service to the people he represents has been outstanding.

Mr. Goodlatte’s conservative record in Congress matches the conservative beliefs of his constituents. He is a proven fiscal conservative who also advocates the protection of Second amendment rights and the removal of the excess regulatory burdens that are favored by those on the left. His stances on these issues resonate well in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

We do implore him and his fellow conservatives to be more aggressive in using the power of the purse that is granted to Congress in opposing fiscal policies that go against their principles and that have doubled the national debt during the Obama administration.

If he is to serve not just the district but the country, he must oppose the mass migration and resettlement of refugees, as well as the insouciance of the executive branch toward illegal immigration. Mr. Goodlatte’s position as chairman of the Judiciary Committee confers upon him unique powers to make good immigration policy. It’s time for him to use it, particularly if Mrs. Clinton is elected.

He is a good congressman, and represents his constituents ably and assiduously.

Bob Goodlatte deserves re-election on Nov. 8.

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Challenging Goodlatte for his 6th district seat: where aspiring political careers go to die. Goodlatte is a plodding, loyal foot soldier for the GOP (hardly a compliment) and the county is deep, deep red, so Bob "term limits don't apply to me" Goodlatte's seat is safe once again.


Until it becomes law, term limits don't apply to elected officials who do a decent job and ably represent the constituents who elected him/her. Goodlatte fits the bill. He's a true gentleman who has personally taken time to discuss an issue with me...all substance & no double-talk fluff.


"True gentleman" or not, he pledged to limit his time in Congress to 6 terms, but is now running for his 13th term. It seems like conservatives withhold their outrage over broken promises when they are broken by Republicans.


What! Vote for the DO NOTHING congressman!!!!!


"[W]e don’t agree that such matters like climate change, income inequality, and social justice are the most burning issues facing our nation. (…) [Goodlatte] is a good congressman, and represents his constituents ably and assiduously."

Goodlatte is in the pocket of the fossil fuel companies, the NRA, and Koch interests. According to Goodlatte's mailer that arrived this week, he has already conceded the election to Hillary Clinton, and his only stated platform is to obstruct her. He's not serving constituents. He's been a blocker, and that's his platform.

So, representing his constituents "ably and assiduously" are some of the last words that come to mind.

If your own writers seriously don't believe that social issues and income inequality are important problems, or the preservation of our planet for life...well, that says a lot. This paper is in the pocket of the rich white men's fossil fuel companies, too.

It is far past time for Goodlatte to go.


Yep they're NOT important because social issues CANNOT be legislated like liberal socialist THINK they can be.
This is a free thought, Free speech country where people are expected to WORK to succeed in life and save money...ideas foreign to lazy folks.



Although I believe in term limits for all politicians, your comment is exactly why I will vote for Goodlatte! Spewing gibberish with no proof of anything seems to be the progressive's only hope of fooling the should be ashamed!


Yes, there's a lot more to the sixth district beyond that hotbed of liberalism, Harrisonburg. And, Degner doesn't have enough candy bars to cover the entire district.

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