Liberal Michael Bloomberg of New York City must love Attorney General Mark Herring. Bloomberg spent $1 million supporting Herring’s 2013 election, and he is pouring money into Virginia again.

The anti-Second Amendment, gun control group that Bloomberg launched recently donated $300,000 to the Herring campaign. What does billionaire Bloomberg get in return? Herring is doing everything he can to undermine our Second Amendment rights.

After his election in 2013, he tried to halt recognition of some out-of-state concealed handgun permits, which would have nullified law-abiding Virginians’ permits in other states. Herring is out of touch with Virginia. He is marching to Bloomberg’s tune, advancing a radical gun control agenda.

John Adams, on the other hand, is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and supported by the National Rifle Association.

Send a clear message to Bloomberg and other New York liberals. Vote John Adams for Attorney General on Nov. 7.

Galen Simmons


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News flash: Politics is a stock bought & sold.


When it comes to voting in Virginia, I don't care what Bloomberg or Trump think about the candidates. They don't live here.

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