The Electoral College, as a youth I believed it should be abolished. A mistake, I thought, of the Founding Fathers. It violates a believed truism of America: one man one vote.

Only in the Northeast did they for a time have real Town Hall meetings where one person’s vote counted. Mostly Town Meetings consisted of factionism and shouting.

If the voters want to abolish the Electoral College whose function is to assure a Virginia vote counts as much as a New York or California vote, then give California and Texas back to Mexico and The Netherlands.

Only then will those states no longer be the tail that wags the dog.

James Kerwin

Rockingham County

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Garden House Queen

Once the Electoral College is abandoned America will be ruled by the large city dwellers......entitlement dependents. It'll be a sad ending for a Nation that was born of hard work, self sufficiency and one who loved the freedoms given to us by our Founding Fathers. .

R B Tate

How true.


Most people that want to get rid of the EC, would like to have a "pure democracy".

Something that the founders knew would never last.

It sounds good in schools to dumb it down for the kids , but most people that really know our history recognize the importance of the EC.


George scored one on EJ methinks. It may come eventually, as the trend continues. But my only point is that Brexit was a policy decision, not a leadership decision. And that's a point to raise with a local George: When a leader is so monolithic that they are policy, the practice of government and the meaning of the vote disburse.

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