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  • Planning For The Future
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  • Farming: A Hip New Industry
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Shenandoah Valley Business Journal

  • INVESTMENTS: What Do Low Oil Prices Mean For Investors?

    As you’ve no doubt noticed, your trips to the gas station have been a lot more pleasant these past several months. There’s not much doubt that low oil prices have been welcome to you as a driver. Read More

  • INVESTMENTS: Facing Divorce? Organize Your Finances Now

    If you’re in a marriage that’s ending, you’ll need to gather certain financial documents to help you evaluate your assets and understand the financial position you’re in. Some of the information may be at your fingertips, but some might require sleuthing. Read More

  • BUSINESS JOURNAL: The ‘New Normal’

    HARRISONBURG — In the two decades that he’s been involved in local real estate development, Ted Budd has had a conversation or two with a local banker about money. Read More

  • An Awkward Conversation About Trader Joe’s

    You’re out to dinner with friends when the conversation turns to politics, football, economics, or movies. One friend shouts above the rest without a hint of cynicism, “You know, Herbert Hoover installed policy that ultimately led to prosperity; that Andy Dalton is clutch in the playoffs; feudalism really is the best economic system; ‘Sharknado 2’ is an underrated piece of cinema.” Read More

  • Become More Productive With ZZZZs

    Historically, working until “all hours of the night” — with a concomitant minimization of sleep — was regarded as the way to get ahead, and doing so was worn as a sort of badge of honor by those who engaged in such behavior. However, the November issue of Inc. Magazine offers a contradictory opinion of this practice. Read More

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