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Shenandoah Valley Business Journal

  • BUSINESS JOURNAL: The Business Of Agribusiness

    HARRISONBURG — When Lareth May needs something for his Timberville farm, he often drives no farther than Harrisonburg to get it. Read More

  • NEWS TO ME: Leadership Character Pays Big Dividends

    In the wake of numerous media reports that unethical business leaders do damage to their organizations, it would appear that a relevant question would be whether the opposite is also true — whether firms with principled leaders perform better. The April issue of Harvard Business Review explores that question, and finds that the answer is “yes.” Read More

  • REAL ESTATE: The Problem With Shapes

    My youngest son, Emmett, is just a little over a year old. For a few months now, he has been playing with shape sorting toys. You know the type — a cube or table with a series of holes and corresponding blocks. Read More

  • INVESTMENTS: ‘Step-By-Step’ Can Ease Estate Planning

    Like many people, you may enjoy investing. After all, it can be invigorating to put away money for your future, follow the performance of your investments and track the progress you’re making toward your long-term goals, such as a comfortable retirement. Read More

  • INVESTMENTS: Managed Wisely, Windfalls Can Be Enjoyed For Years

    Although the odds of winning the lottery may be stacked against you, there’s a chance you’ll receive a large — perhaps unexpected — financial windfall at some point during your life. Regardless of how it arrives — inheritance, insurance payout, divorce settlement, retirement-plan distribution, sale of a business or company stock options — careful money management is critical to enjoying the money for years to come. Read More

  • INVESTMENTS: Converting Assets When You Retire

    If you’re about to retire — or have already recently retired — you have an important decision to make about the money in your 403(b) or 457 plan account. Typically, a retirement plan participant leaving an employer has the following four options (and may engage in a combination of these options depending on their employment status, age and the availability of the particular option): Read More

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