• #1 - Receptionist Indicted For Embezzling
  • #2 - County Man Indicted On Meth Charges
  • #3 - NEW: Suspected Mobile Meth Lab Leads To Indictment
  • #4 - NEW: Birdsong Says He Won Appeal
  • #5 - Birdsong Awaits Verdict On Transfer


  • The Lord Giveth, And Taketh Away
  • Protect Yourself
  • Annual Earth Day Celebrations Return To Area
  • Combating Confusion


Shenandoah Valley Business Journal

  • Five Steps To Help Create An Estate Plan

    When it comes to estate planning, procrastinating is easy. The task of getting your house in order can seem daunting and the topic uncomfortable. Read More

  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy ... Of Tax Reform

    Would you pick up a hitchhiker? Hitchhiking essentially began with the advent of the automobile and was a popular source of travel for decades. Then, in the mid-’70s, the practice largely disappeared. Why? In part, it was because stories started to appear in news reports detailing a relatively few random acts of assault (and worse) to and by hitchhikers. Read More

  • ‘Millennials’ Must Plan For Goals

    If you’re one of the “millennials” — the generation that began in the early 1980s — you are still in the early stages of your career. Read More

  • Focus On Getting A Small Business Loan

    Almost all small-business owners will need a loan at some point. Whether it’s for startup costs, operating capital, expansion, or all of the above, it is important to know what a lender is looking for in approving a loan. Read More

  • Giving Workplace Stress The Day Off

    Is “Work Killing You?” That’s the title of a book written by Dr. David Posen, who was interviewed by HR Magazine for an article in its March issue. The author states in the interview that companies should focus their efforts on preventing stress in the first place, rather than helping employees learn how to cope with it. Read More

  • BUSINESS JOURNAL: Agritourism Law To Go Into Effect July 1

    HARRISONBURG — Virginia farmers will have more flexibility and freedom to hold various activities on their farms under a new agritourism law that will take effect July 1. Read More

  • BUSINESS JOURNAL: Poultry Pioneers

    HARRISONBURG — The formula that adds up to Virginia’s first organic commercial poultry processing plant has a lot of “1s” in it. Read More


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