Jeremiah Morris, 28, a Mount Crawford native and James Madison University graduate, opened Specto Art Space in downtown Harrisonburg at 91 N. Main St. on Friday.

“After I graduated, I was looking for a way to create a project that allowed me to share more art with our local community and out of that, Specto Art Space is born,” Morris said.

In February 2018, Morris first opened Specto in Bridgewater, but closed the location in December.

“I wanted to get connected in the art scene that was in downtown [Harrisonburg],” he said.

The gallery will feature monthly rotations with one or two exhibitions from artists, Morris said.

Though the studio mostly will show digital photography, other artistic mediums are welcome, he said.

Morris is a photographer and said he discovered his passion for the art form over the summer before going into his senior year at Turner Ashby High School, in Bridgewater.

“When I first took those photographs, it really sparked something in me,” he said.

Specto will put out a call to artists and people from all over can apply, he said. Local artists or international artists could be showcased.

In the first exhibition, the works of a Chinese artist Qian Jin, of Beijing, and an American Air Force pilot stationed in Germany named Bradley Milton will be included.

Studio space behind the gallery will be available for rent to artists on a monthly basis, Morris said.

“The primary focus back there is to give artists a space to directly connect with people buying their pieces and get consumers engaged in the art making process,” Morris said.

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Jay Zehr

Please tell me this isn’t the permanent plan for replacing Shelby Mertens: a tiny article once a week from a DN-R reporter and the rest of the feature section just articles from the Associated Press, Winchester Star, and Northern Virginia Daily. I know the industry is in crisis but how does the Star in a smaller city with fewer subscribers afford to do more feature articles? Same with the NVD.


The DNR: fewer pages, bigger photos, more Winchester/Front Royal news, and very large non-local obituaries of alleged celebrities that diminish local obituaries. And a tiny article with large photos in the Features section.

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