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A public hearing will be held Wednesday for a special-use permit application from Christian Light Publications related to an expansion at the facility on Mount Clinton Pike in the city.

Public hearings are planned for a potential multifamily development between Blue Ridge Drive, Country Club Road, Country Club Court and the railway during Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting, according to city documents.

For the proposed development, there is a rezoning request for 161 and 241 Blue Ridge Drive to change from single-family residential to allow for multifamily homes of more than 12 units per dwelling through a special-use permit, according to city documents. The two parcels are roughly 7 acres.

The housing complex, called Two41, is planned to include four apartment buildings, a playground, pool, amenity building and maintenance building, according to conceptual site plans last updated on Nov. 25.

The buildings would all be four stories, and road entrances are planned off Country Club Court and Blue Ridge Drive, according to the concept plans.

City documents from January 2018 had the site proposed for a transit center as part of a road extension of Martin Luther King Jr. Way to the intersection with Country Club Road.

Though the city is still looking for a site for a transit center, it is not pursing one at the location of the potential Two41 development, according to city documents.

Public hearings will also be held for Christian Light Publications’ special-use permit applications during the Planning Commission meeting Wednesday, according to the meeting’s agenda.

The Christian publishing company is seeking two special-use permits related to its expansion project, according to city documents.

Site plans for the expansion call for a new 23,747-square-foot addition to the company’s existing building at 1051 Mount Clinton Pike, according to draft site plans provided to city staff. The building is currently used for both manufacturing and warehousing.

The Harrisonburg company employs more than 80 people to create and publish Christian learning materials and a school curriculum for grades K-12, according to a previous interview with Andrew Crider, general manager of Christian Light Publications. The company’s roughly 7.2-acre site is located at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Mount Clinton Pike in the northwest part of the city.

“The main thing that we’re trying to accomplish is to have a little more warehouse space so we can save and store material a little more efficiently, as well as package and ship orders more efficiently,” Crider said.

In addition, the expansion would include the centralization of manufacturing into the existing 10,000-square-foot building at 1047 Mount Clinton Pike, which is used as a warehouse, according to draft site plans.

Conversely, 7,000 square feet used for manufacturing at 1051 Mount Clinton Pike would be turned into warehousing space. The building would then be able to provide 20,000 square feet of warehousing — more than the 13,000 square feet dedicated to storage now, according to the draft site plans.

An enclosed walkway is also proposed to connect the two buildings at 1047 and 1051 Mount Clinton Pike. A new entrance from Mount Clinton Pike, just east of the proposed warehouse and manufacturing space, would lead in to the site, according to the draft site plans.

The development would be the company’s third major expansion since the site was incorporated into the city in 1983, according to city documents.

Crider said it is still early in the expansion process, and he cannot provide more information on a price tag for the project. The expansion is not slated to create any new jobs, Crider said.

Also during Wednesday’s Planning Commission meeting, there is a public hearing on a special-use permit request for 817 Honeysuckle Lane to be a short-term rental.

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