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The owners of Valley View Express Wash on Stone Spring Road bought the former Golden Corral property on East Market Street and plan to open a second car wash.

Business partners Mark Lee, of Rockingham County, and Robbie Yeaman, of Madison, have bought the old Golden Corral property on East Market Street in Harrisonburg and plan to build a car wash on a portion of it.

“We’re hoping to be open and washing cars by midsummer 2021,” Lee said.

The sale was from BT Holdings I LLC to Lee and Yeamn’s firm in a deal recorded Wednesday with a price of $1.975 million, according to real estate documents.

The former eatery’s building is slated to be demolished in “the coming weeks,” according to Lee.

He said the plan is to subdivide the lot into two parts, with the site where the empty building stands to be replaced by a car wash and the other parcel for lease or sale.

Lee and Yeaman are childhood friends and have been in business together since 2004. They jointly own multiple car washes in the Hampton Roads area.

The business duo opened its first car wash in the Valley last year — Valley View Express Wash just outside the Friendly City.

Lee said the business offers subscriptions and single-use pay options for its three-minute tunnel wash, where vacuums are available for free to customers.

“The Golden Corral site will be substantially bigger than the one we built on Stone Spring and it will have probably 25 to 26 free vacuum spots,” he said.

The development should create 10 to a dozen jobs, according to Lee.

With his family, Lee moved to the area in August to open and operate Valley View Express Wash on Rock Port Drive. Originally from Culpeper, Lee’s father is from Rockingham and his family has roots in the county since the pre-Civil War era, he said.

“Our mission statement is to point others to God with excellent service and integrity,” Lee said. “We want to be the neighborhood wash. That’s really what gets us excited.”

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