The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded July 3-11:


July 3

Alice Geiman to Alex Parrish, 2112 Lake Terrace Drive, $213,000.

John Keim to Usman Chaudhri, 124 Southampton Drive, $221,500.

St Rad Development LLC to Kirk Armstrong and Flint Dollar, 1330 Wine Drive, $341,418.

Delbert and Lela Snyder, trustees of the Delbert W. Snyder and Lela F. Snyder Trust, to Aldon Green, 2390 Alston Circle, $288,500.

Robert Edmunds and Carolyn Gross-Edmunds to Roy and Phyllis Early, 361 Maryland Ave., $217,000.

July 5

To God Be The Glory LLC to Marlon and Fanny Colindres, 1100 Saturday Drive, $228,855.

July 6

Lois Bowman to Ryan and Rachel Henschel, 1390 Mount Clinton Pike, $260,000.

Wilma Gingerich, trustee of the Ray C. Gingerich Trust and the Wilma B Gingerich Trust, to John and Nicole Hostetter, Holiday Hills Subdivision, Section 1 Lot 104, $270,000.

Eric Beighe and Samantha Adkins-Beighe to Yousef Rabie and Lacey Berns, 1113 Nathan Hale Court, $176,500.

Ronald and Jenni Sweet to Steven Cox, 1131 Wellington Drive, $182,900.

July 9

660 Enterprises LLC to Fraught Enterprises LLC, .9 acre on a plat entitled “Minor Subdivision Plat of Lots 1 and 2 of the Potz Subdivision, Section 1,” $800,000.

July 10

Townes at Bluestone LLC to Justin Rowling, 380 Tanzanite Drive, $230,950.

Ramon Holguin to Eryn Sutliff, 974 Roberts Court, $167,000.

James McKee, trustee of the James A. McKee Trust, and Rebecca McKee, trustee of the Rebecca D. McKee Trust, to Cadet Investments LLC, 270 Campbell St., $534,700.

Rockingham County

July 3

Peterbuilt Construction LLC to Chad and Cari Covelli, 920 Claremont Ave., Central District, $639,900.

Brian Burger and Deborah Sudduth to Bryan Leber, 3229 Hopkins Drive, Stonewall District, $250,000.

Nathanael and Catherine Maharg to Heather Waller, 31 Cedar Point Lane, Linville District, $167,500.

Sara and David Gipson to Benjamin and Elizabeth Taylor, 1450 Valley St., $192,420.

Donna McKenzie to Cody McKenzie, 7.6 acres on the east side of Va. 259, Plains District, $300,000.

July 6

Peerless Homes Inc. to Nichole and Chris Bohen, 731 Hidden Brook Road, Stonewall District, $420,000.

Aaron Crummett to Evan and Kimberly Greer, 3370 Huntington Springs Drive, Ashby District, $700,000.

Kristopher Stevenson to Judith Painter, 160 Memorial Park Drive, Plains District, $184,000.

Ralph and Donna Botkin to Frank and Susan Olah, 2965 Pin Oak Drive, Central District, $370,000.

Cecil Mongold to Ralph and Donna Botkin, Mill View Estates, Section 1 Lot 145, Ashby District, $340,000.

Charles Cottrell to Jason Whetzel, 4567 Wiltshire St., Linville District, $324,000.

William Foley, administrator of the Wayne A. Foley Estate, to Eric Beighe and Samantha Adkins-Beighe, 1878 Massanetta Springs Road, Ashby District, $279,900.

Rebecca Eberly to Dennis and Christina Catt, 660 Mason St., Ashby District, $240,000.

July 9

Bryan and Michelle Brown to Richard and Courtney French, 4240 Dahlia Court, Central District, $488,750.

Straight Track LLC to Philips Faught LLC, 2.858 acres on the northeast side of Singers Glen Road, Ashby District, $375,000.

Jerome and Susan McDonald, trustees of the Jerome M McDonald and Susan B McDonald Family Trust, to Umar Faroo and Madonna Nicole Ali, 4145 Traveler Road, Ashby District, $435,000.

July 10

Rudolph and Midlred Nadasky, trustees of the Nadasky Family Trust, to Mary Susan Whitehurst, trustees of the Mary Susan Whitehurst Trust, Greenview Hills Lot 92, Stonewall District, $300,000.

Katherine Rosenow to Jeffrey and Karla May, Windermere Subdivision, Section 1 Lot 11A, $260,000.

John Simmers to Peter, Danelle and Janet Hostetler, 4.97 acres at the intersection of Va. 42 and Va. 753, Linville District, $225,000.

Sergey and Olga Kasyanov to Christopher and Madalyn Shumaker, intersection of Old Bridgewater Road and Mill Street, Ashby District, $165,000.

July 11

Jared and Chloe Jerlinski to Jeremy and Rebekah Harsh, .5893 acre on the western side of Va. 659, Ashby District, $251,500.

Durel Riggleman to Margaret Esposito and Richard Allen, 3240 Holsinger Road, Plains District, $350,000.

Sunshine Holdings LLC to David and Rosemary Whedbee, 1487 Massanetta Springs Road, Central District, $172,500.

Orlirio and Susan Varela to Christopher and Amy Jones, 330 Tiffany Drive, Ashby District, $323,000.

Elizabeth Tavenner to Greg and Lisa Derrow, 20406 Shady Acres Drive, Stonewall District, $290,000.

Gregory and Stephanie Walker to Karin Flagle and Christy Morgan, 3693 Lairds Knob Drive, Central District, $380,000.

Scott and Kelly Simons to Raymond and Deborah Clayton, 525 Confederacy Drive, Central District, $412,500.

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