The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded June 29-July 2:


June 29

Randy and Debra Mitchell to Robert and Janie Mullet, trustees of the Janie Mullet Trust, 1683 Bald Eagle Circle, $540,000.

Julia Harrington to Michael Conboy, 1173 Nelson Drive, $327,000.

Katherine Robinson and Katherine Montgomery to Steven Gilman and Rosalind O’Brien, 341 Sunrise Av., $259,900.

Bonnie Hudik and Martin Echols to Francis Ramirez and Kelin Lagos, 1981 Willow Hill Drive, 230,000.

Meridian Properties LLC to Olivia Large, 489 Hickory Grove Circle, $285,000.

Vicki Dull to Alfonso and Enriqueta Miramontes, 75 Hope St., $220,000.

Thomas Scanlan to Issac and Kristi Driver, 1180 Nelson Drive, $263,000.

Adrian and Sherri Wilson and Sherri Courtney to Donna Gerding, 1580 Shenstone Drive, $227,000.

Oak Creek Development LLC to Forrest and Darlie Wimer, 1345 Wine Drive, $295,000.

Ajit Umrani to Michelle Roadcap, 1363 Goldfinch Drive, $159,900.

James and Patricia Watson to BMP Commercial LLC, Byrd Place Condominium, Unit G, $182,000.

Roy and Phyllis Early to Becky Bartells, 407 Collicello St., $180,000.

Robin Denise Harris to Pablo Ortega Sanchez and Yosleisy Rojas Duarte, 1162 Stuart St., $210,500,

Michael Yoder to Victoria Rosen, 866 Stuart St., $190,000.

Diamond Cutter Properties LLC to Kristen Nicole Monroe and Daryl Hart, 1190 Landon Drive, $253,000.

Judith Raines to Thomas Beppler and Alison Lanier, 1173 Portland Drive, $269,500.

Ocean Holdings LLC to Taranath Pokharel, 162 Diamond Court, $695,000.

July 2

Frank and Katherine Gordon to Meribeth Kraybill, 830 Elmwood Drive, $265,000.

Ronald and Louise McCoy to Robert Aguirre and Danielle Price, 211 Betts Road, $397,000.

Kevin and Dawn Miller to The Building LLC, 850 W. Market St., $318,000.

Meridian Properties LLC to Gregory and Vicki Becker, 473 Hickory Grove Circle, $280,000.

Rockingham County

June 29

Ralph and Carolyn Wells to William Zampini, 123 Joyce Drive, Ashby District, $150,000.

Bernard and Julie Hamann to Catherine and John Bratton, 3311 Debbie Court, Ashby District, $157,500.

Carl and Rose Berkey to Vitaliy and Viktoriya Dovganetskiy, 148 Ashby Road, Stonewall District, $257,000.

Marvin and Teresa Hamilton to Daniel Utt, 6921 S. East Side Highway, Stonewall District, $166,000.

Benjamin and Patti Wilson to Christopher Kichinko, 1405 Flowering Spring Lane, Central District, $205,500.

Kenneth Sipe to Maximino Velasco and Genoveva Leon Palacio, 10533 McGaheysville Road, Stonewall District, $190,000.

Cosner Construction Inc. to The Woodland IV LLC, Vine Street Townhomes Lots 19-24, Central District, $865,000.

Robert Hume to Russell and Mary Jane Gregory, 4023 Forest Oaks Lane, Central District, $219,000.

Brenda Crist and Jimmy Riddle, executors of the Alma V. Riddle Estate, Jimmy and Amy Riddle, 6.558 acres east of Va. 634, Stonewall District, $195,000.

Michael and Rose Mary Shroyer to Sage Summer, 117 Gatewood Court, Stonewall District, $259,900.

Parkside LLC to Adam Glagola, 204 Dylan Circle, Ashby District, $243,725.

Bentley and Dannette Bronaugh to Christopher and Erin Clinard, 3177 Baybrook Drive, Ashby District, $390,000.

Wayne Morris to Gary and Wilda Knicely, 10308 Cooktown Road, Ashby District, $150,000.

Meredith Kraybill to James and Sheryl Beckwith, 1371 Lincolnshire Drive, Central District, $341,000.

Wayne and Jeanie McDonald and Larry and Sandra Hammer to Larray and Barbara Caudle, 6691 Thoroughfare Road, Stonewall District, $160,000.

Grottoes LLC to Hunter Hatter and Melanie Shull, Shady Creek Subdivision, Phase 2 Lot 125, Stonewall District, $183,000.

July 2

Patricia Watson to Valley Ventures LLC, 4153 Quarles Court, Central District, $180,000.

James and Marilyn Fye to David and Sandy Palmer, 322 Shenandoah Avenue, Ashby District, $255,000.

David and Elaine Simpson to Ryan Branum and Nicole Gerken, 133 Sweetgum St., Stonewall District, $270,000.

Jack Baker, trustee of J&B Properties LLC to EA Breeden LLC, 10.256 acres on the east side of South East Side Highway, Stonewall District, $225,000.

Leonard Crider to Roberto Ramirez, 10335 Brocks Gap Road, Plains District, $185,000.

Johan Hernandez and Cynthia Urena to Michael and Carrie Post, 6018 Houndschase Lane, Ashby District, $329,000.

Mary Lee Yankey, trustee of the Mary Lee E. Yankey Trust, to Adam and Rebecca Plogger, 15467 North Mountain Road, Plains District, $246,000.

Richard and Courtney French to Hugh and Sydney Manley, trustees of the Manley Family Trust, 1475 Bluewater Road, Ashby District, $375,000.

Cosner Construction LLC to Lawrence Deavers, 3580 Majestic Circle, Plains District, $177,400.

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