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The view of the field house on the Horizons Edge Sports Campus. On the left side of the building will be the indoor soccer field and the right side of the building will have the volleyball and basketball courts. The building will also house many other features including a cafe, climbing walls and offices.

HARRISONBURG — Horizons Edge, the forthcoming $12 million sportsplex located between U.S. 11 and Interstate 81 just south of Exit 251, is now slated for completion in January, according to Jeff Flammang, the general manager.

The site includes six cabins, a dormitory, a soccer field, a lodge and a “field house,” which will house a variety of sports facilities, according to previous Daily News-Record reports.

Construction began on the site in January and work on the field house continues, as the internal space of the 89,000-square-foot building takes shape.

The north section of the building houses an indoor soccer field, and on the other side of the L-shaped building is a space where six volleyball courts will overlay four basketball courts, allowing a combination of sports to be played simultaneously.

The site will organize leagues for basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football, Flammang said.

As guests enter the facility, they will see six climbing walls of various difficulty levels, he said.

The second floor overlooks the indoor soccer field and gym where the volleyball and basketball courts will be.

The goal is to complete all the sports flooring by the third week of November, according to Dave Huber, a site representative.

The outdoor soccer field, located between the field house and I-81, will allow for flexibility in the facility’s soccer offerings, said Herminio Osorio, manager of soccer operations.

“Leagues will flow from indoor to outdoor from spring around March,” he said. “By then, we’ll be doing both indoor and outdoor season with league play available.”

The first tournament held at the facility will be the sixth annual holiday shootout for Harrisonburg Hornets club basketball between Dec. 13 and 15, said Nora Maguire White, the sports program director.

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