Details for (Page News & Courier) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING


Pursuant to Section 15.2-2204 Code of Virginia, as amended,
a public hearing will be held by the Town of Shenandoah
Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, at 7:00
p.m., at Town Hall, 426 First Street, Shenandoah, Virginia, to
consider the following variance request being presented by:
Superior Siding & Home Improvements, Inc. who owns a
parcel of property located at 102 Grandos Street, Shenandoah,
VA, identified by tax map number 102A2-(1)-21 lots 10, 11,
and 12 and now approved to be combined as one lot. The
applicant is requesting a variance be granted, on the above
referenced property, to allow for the construction of a 24’ x
48’ dwelling. This property is zoned R-2 and Section 50-67
of the Town of Shenandoah Zoning Ordinance has a setback
requirement of 30 feet from all street right-of-ways for singlefamily dwellings. The applicant is requesting a variance from
the 30-foot setback requirement to a 14’ and 24.8’ on the side
right-of-way facing undeveloped Wahnona Avenue and a 15.9’
front right-of-way facing Grandos Street, to allow construction
of this proposed dwelling. The density range is high.
If approved, this variance will allow for a new home to be
constructed which will set further back from streets than the
old home did. All persons concerned with the above listed
matter are encouraged to attend the hearing and express their
Copies of the request and the Town of Shenandoah Zoning
Ordinance are available for examination in the Shenandoah
Town Office, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
NOTE: Any hearing impaired individuals who need an
interpreter must notify the town office at least seven (7) days
prior to the public hearing.
Town of Shenandoah Board of Zoning Appeals
Submitted by: Juanita Roudabush,
Town Manager/Zoning Administrator


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