Details for Town of Elkton Public Notice of Invitation to Bid Street


Town of Elkton Public Notice of Invitation to Bid Street Repair/Asphalt Resurface The Town of Elkton is accepting bids for the paving of selected Town streets for Budget Year 2019-2020. The work consists of milling selected streets and re-paving with a surface asphalt mix. Interested bidders should visit the selected work areas prior to submitting bids. Call 540-298-1330 to obtain bid specifications and to arrange a site visit. Bid pricing must be good for sixty days after bid opening. Bids must include price and tons per street/segment. The Town reserves the right to accept or reject bids in whole or in part, to reject any or all bids, to waive informalities or irregularities, and to contract the bid to other than the lowest bidder in the best interest of the Town of Elkton. The Town of Elkton also reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of work to be performed. The prices quoted shall remain in effect through the completion of the project. The Town of Elkton may, at its discretion, have additional work performed without being obligated to solicit additional bids. All bids must be submitted to the Town of Elkton, 20593 Blue & Gold Dr., Elkton, Virginia 22827 in a sealed envelope plainly marked Paving Bid with the name and address of the bidder in the left hand corner and accompanied by complete specifications for the items offered. The Town and its employees will not be responsible for the preopening of, post- opening of, or the failure to open a proposal not properly addressed and identified. Deadline for bids is December 16, 2019 @ 1:00 pm. Bids received after the date and time specified will be rejected; Bids must be sealed and marked. 11/30


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