The rookie Appalachian (definite) and New York-Penn leagues (most likely) won’t exist at the pro level in 2021. Here is a look at some of the area products who played in one or both of the leagues early in their pro careers:

Brenan Hanifee (TA), New York-Penn in 2017

Austin Nicely (Spotswood), Appy in 2014, New York-Penn in 2015-16

Ty McFarland (TA, JMU), New York-Penn, 2014

Ryan Reid (JMU), New York-Penn, 2006

Erik Kratz (EMU, Valley League), New York-Penn, 2003-04

Jeremy Knicely (Spotswood), New York-Penn, 2003

Dan Meyer (JMU), Appy, 2002

Ian Ostlund (TA), New York-Penn, 2001

Rich Thompson (JMU), New York-Penn, 2000

Travis Harper (Circleville, JMU), New York-Penn, 1998

Reggie Harris (Waynesboro), New York-Penn, 1987-88

Brian McNichol (JMU), New York-Penn, 1995

Mike Venafro (JMU), New York-Penn, 1995

Scott Forster (JMU), New York-Pennn, 1994

Rich Croushore (JMU), New York-Penn, 1993

Mike Hubbard (JMU), New York-Penn, 1992

Larry Mitchell (Charlottesville, JMU), Appy and New York-Penn, 1992

Jeff Leatherman (HHS), New York-Penn, 1991

Tom Bocock (TA, JMU), Appy, 1982

Larry Sheets (Staunton, EMU), Appy, 1978-79

Alan Knicely (TA), Appy, 1974

Mike Cubbage (Charlottesville, Valley League, Virginia), New York-Penn, 1971

Johnny Oates (Virginia Tech, Valley League), Appy, 1967

Jerry May (North River), Appy, 1961; New York-Penn, 1962

Note: JMU players listed only if they made the majors

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