The Shenandoah Cup Showcase may be canceled for today, but that does not mean that wine lovers cannot still spend their Saturday scouting for a new favorite blend.

Vintage Wines is hosting a wine tasting event from 1-4 p.m. today, so guests can try a range of blends and flavors that can accompany the tastes of fall and the upcoming holidays.

Owner Bruce Davis has been in the wine business for approximately 15 years. He said that attending a wine tasting at a specialized boutique rather than a vineyard helps broaden drinkers’ horizons because visitors have a greater variety in options and are more likely to try new things.

“Going to a winery, you’re going for something rather specific, and if you stay in a certain region, the wines are going to be somewhat similar,” Davis said. “You come into a boutique shop like this, and you have the whole world at your fingertips. You have everything from everywhere, and you get a wider dichotomy of aromas, flavors, blends, possibilities.”

Wineries and expositions tend to showcase either regional or international products, but Davis takes pride in the market being a one-stop shop for anything customers may want.

“I got wines from $10 all the way up to many, many hundreds of dollars and everything in between. And there’s way over 1,000 wines to choose from in here,” Davis said.

Zack Simpson, a Harrisonburg native, accidentally discovered Vintage Wines in 2012 while in the area for a medical appointment. Simpson now lives in Charlottesville but frequently visits the Valley and said the knowledgeable staff and diverse selection keeps him coming back.

“I think the great thing about their store is you do not have to be a certain type of customer. They are ideal for anyone just discovering wine or for seasoned connoisseurs who know what they like or might be looking to expand their tastes. I don’t think anybody could go wrong by going there,” Simpson said.

Vintage Wines currently has a Thanksgiving sale running until Nov. 23 which highlights some styles that pair well with the holiday palate. The sale includes Hook and Crook’s 2014 chardonnay from Russian River, Calif., which Davis describes as buttery and rich with fruit, and Famiglie’s 2014 Merlot from Umbria, Italy, which he said complements gamey meats and root vegetables. The discounted wines will not be included in the sampling today.

For some customers, it is not the shop’s available selection that appeals to them most, but Davis’ friendly attitude and welcoming personality that keep them coming back for more.

Norma Chevalier, a Rockingham County resident, is a frequent customer at Vintage Wines who said Davis is considerate and does everything he can to provide an excellent experience for patrons.

“They treat you like a friend. Very friendly. Nice prices,” Chevalier said. “They have a good selection. If he doesn’t have it, he will order it for you if he can, and he knows his wines.”

Davis said the tasting today is an opportunity to explore what wines will pair well with the upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

“There are tens of thousands of different wines made all over the world that would pair well with Thanksgiving and we’re going to be tasting some of those,” Davis said.

If wines are not your style, Vintage Wines also sells beer, gourmet foods and collectibles.

Vintage Wines is located at 498 University Blvd. in Harrisonburg.

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