On a Wednesday morning, “The Joyful Painters” were painting, just as they have done almost every Wednesday for the past year and a half.

Surrounding the kitchen table in a sunny home in Rockingham, five watercolor artists, none of whom, who have been professionally trained, have gathered to paint and to share their views on creating art that matters.

Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, The Joyful Painters is a good name for the group, which creates art for social causes.

“Joyful is who we are. It defines us well. Painting brings us joy, and we desire to share that joy with others,” said member Georgi Kiser.

The group looks for ways to donate their art to make an impact on underserved communities.

“Last year, we donated art towards helping the Ukraine people,” said Krista Gisler, a member. “And we currently are creating art to be on permanent display at the Blue Ridge Free Clinic. Everyone deserves positive art around them.”

“The Joyful Painters” will be displaying approximately 20 paintings in March and April at Hotel Madison as part of the “First Fridays of the Valley.”

“We focus on nurturing one another along our own personal art journeys, and being intentional about not just selling our art, but about giving it away where it matters,” said Judi Coleman, who leads the group.

There will be an opening ceremony March 3 from 5 to 8 p.m. Visitors can meet the artists and view their work, while also enjoying the vocals and acoustic guitar of Jane Cox. Food will be available from Quills Lobby Bar and Montpelier Restaurant.

To learn more about The Joyful Painters, visit their website at joyfulpainters.com.

“We just want to leave our art everywhere...for everyone,” said Arnita Taliaferro, a member.

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Interesting article about watercolor art in Harrisonburg! Hope they all join the Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Society and learn with us! We need your joie de vivre!

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