Pond skimming is one event planned for Winterfest at Bryce Resort.

Whether you hit the slopes at every opportunity, haven’t donned a pair of skis since the Nixon administration or feel your talents lie more in the lodge drinking hot chocolate, Bryce Resort wants you to celebrate.

On Saturday, March 10, Bryce will laud another successful ski season by hosting Winterfest, an annual tradition that brings families to the resort for a day of activities and fun.

“We’ve been doing Winterfest for as long as I can remember, probably since the resort has been going,” said Morgan Breeden, associate marketing and communications manager for Up To Par Managements, Bryce’s resort management team. “It’s just a festival to celebrate the end of ski season. It’s an event that usually goes on at larger resorts, so we just wanted to bring that feel to our resort.”

The event kicks off at 8 a.m. with an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast, which goes until 11 a.m. After guests have their fill of pancakes, they can head outside to get started on the outdoor activities.

“At 9 a.m., that’s when the fun begins,” Breeden said. “We have our polar plunge. There’s an area where the creek is, and everyone jumps in and it’s freezing cold. They all love it and anyone can do it. People even bring their dogs, and they jump in as well.”

After people have plunged, dried off and warmed up, kids and adults can don a costume for the costume parade, starting at 12:30 p.m. Breeden explained that this is really popular with children, but adults also put a lot of thought into their costumes, grouping together into themes like the 1980’s.

The big event of Winterfest takes place at 2 p.m. at the bottom of the ski slope: pond skimming.

“They make a huge pool at the bottom of the slopes, fill it with water, and then people will ride the lift to the top of the mountain, ski down and try to make it across the pool without falling,” Breeden said. “Most fall, but we always have a huge crowd for that one just watching and hanging out.”

At the pond, there is also an ice bar for guests interested in an adult beverage or two. The bar is made of snow and ice and allows people to come hang out, grab some drinks and sit slope side to watch the pond skimming or listen to live music that will be playing throughout the day. The pond skimming goes until 5 p.m., but Breeden said the live music will continue afterward.

While Winterfest usually celebrates the end of ski season, Breeden said the slopes might stay open past March 10.

“This year, we’ll probably be open, hopefully, after Winterfest to continue skiing,” she said. “Our hours will change after Winterfest, but normally it’s our last winter event.”

Breeden explained that having an event like Winterfest is important to the resort because it reiterates the resort’s commitment to being a family venue.

“I always go back to the family-friendly oriented feeling we have around here,” she said. “We are a member-owned resort; however, all of our activities are offered to the public as well. Everyone knows everyone around here; we’re a pretty small resort, but we pride ourselves on being family friendly. Winterfest is something we look forward to every ski season because it’s a time for everyone to get together and celebrate each other’s company.”

There are no tickets required for the event. There is a charge for the pancake breakfast, but the day’s outdoor activities are free.

Bryce Resort is located at 1982 Fairway Drive in Basye. For more information, visit the resort's website or call 540-856-2121.

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