Last week I mentioned a link to I received several emails thanking me, as that is what those readers have actually wondered. I hope others will check it out and find out how helpful it can be.

Today, I have some more useful links that can help you out in specific areas. One is really useful I have mentioned before. I will save that one for last.

First up, how about when you discover a new website and you wonder how safe it is. Check out Copy the site address from your browser, go to the “free” Norton site shown in the previous sentence, paste it into the search box and search. You will find out if the site has security issues or other problems. This does not tell you whether you can buy things safely, but it gives you your chance of getting a virus, malware, or some other security complications from the site.

Another similar site run by Google is its “Transparency Report.” This link is rather long so here is a shorter one for you to type in, Same thing, past in the URL to the site and you get the evaluation on the safety of the site. It also has a lot of other useful information for you to learn more about safety.

Another that does great on analyzing actual files you get sent from others is Virus Total, It will check out websites also but its forte lies in looking at your files for security issues. Keep in mind that the file you upload for testing is shared with the company that checks it out. The website advises, “Please do not submit any personal information; Virus Total is not responsible for the contents of your submission.” Others will have access to that file. Be cautious.

For all of you streamers out there, how about trying to find out where you can watch that old Christmas favorite “Die Hard?” Just go to Now, I actually use it and have a free account. Like all the other sites in the world, it needs an email address and password. Then you can let it know what streaming services you have access to, like Netflix, Peacock, Amazon, Disney, etc. Once you do search for the movie or TV show you want to watch and it will tell you where you can watch it on your available services. By the way, “Die Hard” is free on five different services and you can buy it for $7.99 … you are welcomed.

Finally, my old favorite, It allows you to download many general use programs. For instance, security programs, browsers, image editing apps, and many more. It pulls them down in one file you download. You run it and it will install them. Keep that file and run it again at a future date and it will automatically update all of those programs if they need updating. A very neat program and I use it every time I build a new computer. It saves a lot of time. Say you need to add 10 apps to a computer. At Ninite, download them in one file and install them all at once. One at a time takes much longer and many visits to various websites.

Happy surfing!

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