Egg Hunt

Hugo Kohl, a jewelry store in downtown Harrisonburg, is working with the Friendly City Merchants group to hide golden eggs containing prizes in local businesses. The egg hunt starts today.

HARRISONBURG — Hugo Kohl, a jewelry boutique located in the Ice House, is hiding 50 golden eggs that contain jewelry prizes inside downtown businesses.

The first Hugo Kohl Golden Egg Hunt, in partnership with the Friendly City Merchants of downtown Harrisonburg, begins today and goes through April 22. Each day, Hugo Kohl will post clues on Instagram about where eggs are located. The jewelry prizes are valued between $100 and $165.

Hugo Kohl specializes in handcrafted vintage and filigree jewelry designs, which are manufactured on-site in the factory workshop.

Each local shop will have two to three golden eggs hidden in their store. Some of the participating businesses include The Lady Jane, The Yellow Button, Larkin Arts, WithSimplicity, Walkabout Outfitter, Green Hummingbird, Friendly City Food Co-op and Glen’s Fair Price.

“The idea is to expose these locally owned, small businesses to other people,” said Kate Hill, Hugo Kohl’s boutique manager. “The idea was to distribute [the eggs] to the other downtown Friendly City Merchants [because] we support each other.”

It’s up to the individual businesses to choose specific spots to hide eggs.

“Each business has the opportunity to hide the egg wherever they’d like,” Hill said. “It can be challenging or easy.”

The clues will include a visual and written component cleverly worded to hint about the eggs’ locations. The actual jewelry will not be placed inside the egg, but rather, the lucky winners will find instructions on how to claim their prize.

Once an egg is discovered, the person will be asked to take a photo of the egg in the store, post it on Instagram and tag the business as well as Friendly City Merchants, or as Hill simply says, “snap, tag and post.” In order to count, the photo must be posted to Instagram.

“Then, they come here and pick up their piece of jewelry,” she said.

Winners will have a selection of rings to choose from. Only one egg can be claimed per person.

“Most of them will be rings, like Cigar Bands or Whimsy Rings,” Hill said.

Similarly, Massanutten Regional Library recently installed a Story Walk, where pages from a children’s book are placed outside of local establishments, taking readers on a route through downtown Harrisonburg as they walk to each stop to read the next page of the book.

Hugo Kohl hopes to make the Golden Egg Hunt an annual event in downtown, with hopes of including prizes from other businesses in the future.

“We hope to expand into bigger prizes,” she said. “It’s the first time we’ve done it. So, we’re hoping it’s a success.”

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